The new song “Boat” by Ed Sheeran is about feeling overwhelmed by depression.

The 32-year-old pop megastar has released the second single from his new album, “Subtract,” along with a powerful music video directed by Mia Barnes, in which the singer of the smash song “Shape of You” fights to keep himself from being swept away by powerful waves.

But the waves won’t break my bones, he sings.

The newest song comes after the equally unpolished lead single, “Eyes Closed.”

The new record, Ed recently disclosed, was motivated by his “unbreakable bond” with his wife, who is now recovering from a cancer scare.

After learning that his wife had a tumor while she was carrying their second child, Jupiter, and after losing his dear friends Shane Warne and Jamal Edwards in the space of a few short weeks last year, the Grammy winner wrote the sad tunes.

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He recently disclosed that the experience as well as marriage advise from his father served as the inspiration for the song “No Strings.”

At the Eventim Apollo in London last month, the singer introduced the song by saying: “My dad told me when I got married, ‘You won’t know what real love and marriage is until there’s death and real sickness.'” He made that statement because it occurred when he initially married my mother. The family experienced genuine, genuine sadness as a result of their illness, which ultimately led to their suffering.

He said that their mutual attraction had been the catalyst for their unshakable friendship.

The singer of “Thinking Out Loud,” who is married and has a daughter named Lyra, 2, said that while he and his partner have always had a “real closeness,” it was her tumor that solidified their relationship into a “unbreakable bond.”

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“I’ve been married for almost five years, and I’ve always felt really, really close to my wife,” Ed said. But that unshakable bond was established last year. With a marriage and kids, I know you should feel that way, but I honestly believe that “if we can get through 2022, we can get through anything.”

At the small gathering, Ed also introduced the song “Spark,” explaining how it addresses the idea of “moving on” from pain.

“You know in movies when people get dumped and they throw everything in the fire and say, ‘It’s a new dawn,’?” he asked. Moving on and saying, “That was then, this is now,” might be helpful at times, in my opinion. The chorus’s lyrics are, “We’ll create a fire, we’ll torch our old life, hoping the original spark of what made it magnificent remains, and we’ll just move on from it.

Release day for “Subtract” is set for May 5.


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