Prior to his transition from 2008 to 2010, Chaz Bono only appeared in three roles. He claimed that in 2012, when he was able to join in Anthony Meindel’s actor workshop as a man, he found his passion for acting again.

In a recent Zoom interview with UPI, Bono said, “What little acting I did at that point was not something I was looking to do as a career.” “I ended up getting a few cameos after I transitioned and really enjoyed the experience.”

The son of Sonny Bono and Cher, Bono, 54, earned his diploma from New York’s High School of Performing Arts in 1987. In a senior year play, he claimed that portraying a male character was a formative experience, but it would be decades before he could do the same in Hollywood.

For the first time, Bono remarked, “I felt really comfortable on stage.” Because I was aware that nothing similar would occur in reality, I decided to stop acting as a result.

In addition to a 1997 Ellen episode, Bono had appearances in the 2004 film Fronterz and the 1994 movie Bar Girls. He portrayed Chaz on DeGrassi: The Next Generation in 2012, but soon discovered his place in the horror genre.

In 2016, Bono was given his first of three appearances for the anthology series American Horror Story. Additionally, he was in the upcoming Saturday on Tubi releases Reborn, 3 from Hell, and Bury the Bride.

In the movie Bury the Bride, a bachelorette party comes across Bono’s character among a gang of hunters in a desolate desert. In Bury the Bride, which he also produced, Bono claimed that he faced fresh acting difficulties.

Bono stated, “I don’t speak for the majority of the film. I had to try to create this character’s tracks so they would make sense when you hear my story.

Puppy, played by Bono, delivers a pivotal speech to the females in which he describes how he joined the vicious tribe. Although the movie left it up for interpretation, he stated he thought Puppy was telling the truth.

According to Bono, “I played it very much that everything that comes out of my mouth is the truth.”

He expressed the hope that it might assist explain his earlier behavior.

Although Bono now enjoys the task Puppy presented to him, he acknowledges that at first he was wary. When requested to portray the part by author Krsy Fox, Bono admitted he was hesitant due to the lack of dialogue.

As performers, Bono stated, “we enjoy talking. But she added, “Look, this guy is going to have a huge impact. There is a purpose behind your silence. It will mean a lot when you accomplish it at last.

Noting that he grew up adoring horror movies and connecting with other horror lovers, Bono claimed it’s not a coincidence that he has appeared in so many horror productions. But he also learned to value the potential of horror films as a filmmaker.

Independent filmmaking has always been the predominant type, according to Bono. The movie Texas Chain Saw is fantastic. It was clearly done with very little money, yet it makes no difference.

Bono stated that he fears anti-trans movements in the actual world, despite the fact that horror films can provide an escape into fictitious terror. Kansas recently passed legislation restricting the provision of gender affirming healthcare, and Kentucky went farther by requiring doctors to detransition minors.

Being trans is a lot riskier now, according to Bono. “I’m aware that this will pass. It’s difficult, but I saw them launch the same campaign against homosexual and lesbian people in the 1980s and 1990s.

According to Bono, a lot of the anti-trans prejudice stems from fear. Additionally, he claimed that politicians incite racism towards Asians, African-Americans, and other groups as well as transphobia in order to mobilize their supporters.

Bono expressed concern for trans youth who are raised with these kinds of prejudices and limitations.

In response to the lawmakers passing such laws, Bono remarked, “You’re going to kill a lot of people.”

The perpetrators of such acts, according to Bono, should know that transgender individuals are nothing to be afraid of.

Bono stated, “We’re the ones that are terrified. “No one needs to be scared of us. There won’t be any action taken by us.


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