In the US, Netflix is delaying the implementation of its plans to crack down on password sharing until before July. The streamer claims in a financial report issued on Tuesday that it “shifted out the timing of the broad launch from late Q1 to Q2.”

Prior to the conclusion of the first quarter of 2023, Netflix promised to crack down “more broadly” on password sharing. New anti-password sharing regulations were implemented in February in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain, however they were never implemented in the US.

As of right now, Netflix claims it is “pleased with the results” of the paid sharing program it has implemented in these four nations, and that it has contributed to the expansion of Canada’s paying subscriber base, which is “now growing faster than in the US.”

Users must pay extra in these regions, as well as some of the Latin and Central American nations where it initially started testing password-sharing policies, if they wish to share their Netflix accounts with individuals who are not members of their “primary” households. Although the ability to share an account with up to two other people is only accessible with Netflix’s Standard and Premium plans, it costs an additional $7.99 CAD (or $5.97 USD) per person each month in Canada.

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Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters said during an earnings call that delaying the rollout of paid sharing should make it easier to put some of the improvements it came up with while testing the function outside of the US. The business claims it wants to make sure that customers can access Netflix while away from their primary residences and to provide them with the resources necessary to control who has access to their accounts and devices.

According on those findings, “we felt it was better to take a little bit more time, incorporate those learnings, and make this transition as smooth as we can for members,” said Peters.

We can now evaluate whether Netflix’s ad-supported tier had any real effects on the business for the first time in a complete quarter. According to research from data analytics company Antenna, the strategy had a rocky start when it was first presented in November but began to gain steam in the months that followed.


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