Earlier last month, Billy Idol gave the Hoover Dam’s first-ever concert.

On April 8, the “Rebel Yell” star performed at the renowned concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, which divides the US states of Arizona and Nevada.

As they recorded for a performance movie that will be released later this year, the legendary punk rocker was joined by his longtime guitarist Steve Stevens, the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones, The Kills’ Alison Mosshart, and No Doubt’s Tony Kanal.

Only 250 lucky people got to see the performance.

The singer of “White Wedding” is presently touring North America.

The historic performance follows Idol’s induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in January.

It was surreal, the former frontman of Generation X acknowledged, because he never expected his career would endure “six months,” much less nearly five decades.

He stated in his acceptance speech: “We first recorded the song in the middle of the 1970s, during the height of punk rock. Nothing or much hope existed. We made the decision to pursue our passions in the event that there is no hope for the future. That’s what I did as well. Because I adored the music, I did it. Really, there was no other explanation. In any case, I didn’t really anticipate this would continue for long. We speculated that it might take six months, a year, or even two years. Something like this is unimaginable to me. It’s simply amazing.

The ex-hellraiser has acknowledged that he used drugs and alcohol carelessly in the 1980s because he genuinely enjoyed the sensation of being “isolated” from other people and existing in his own “dimension.”

He told the Australian publication Daily Telegraph: “You are alone in the drug world; you are almost in a different universe. You become increasingly cut off from humanity as you ascend. I enjoyed myself greatly at the moment.

We used to act as if the world might end tomorrow back in the 1980s. Substances and similar items were commonplace.

But because he’s beginning to slow down with age, the 67-year-old singer now restricts his vices to “red wine and the occasional joint.”

To be doing that now at this age and to be so out of it, he said, would be absurd.


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