The matchup between the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors is unquestionably the one to watch. Draymond Green, a forward for the Golden State Warriors, stomps a guy during the game, just when you think you have seen everything there is to see from him.

The Warriors lost game 2 in Sacramento on Monday night, 114-106, which made things difficult for the defending survive the opening round. The Warriors made a lot of mistakes and ultimately fell handily.

But let’s get started. In the fourth quarter, Domantas Sabonis was crushed by Draymond. After falling and grabbing Green’s leg, everything started to happen. Draymond was able to shake his leg loose as the remainder of both teams walked back up the court, but he then stepped on Sabonis’ chest.

After the game, Sabonis stated, “There is no room for that in our game today.” The great striker escaped damage, according to a post-game inspection.

Green provided his own justification. The second time in two nights, I had my leg seized, and the referee was just looking on. Since I’m not the most flexible person, I have to land my foot somewhere, which isn’t very far. I can only advance so far before someone grabs my leg.

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He continued, “I guess grabbing an ankle is OK.”

What will you do if someone grabs your foot as you’re sprinting full speed, Klay Thompson asked ESPN? That is unacceptable. While I don’t think what Draymond did was right, you can’t casually grab someone’s foot and sprint off.

Through a Flagrant 2 foul throughout the game, Green received an automatic ejection. A Falrant 1 was given to Sabonis.

It’s unclear whether the league will seek more sanctions. However, you can see some of the jokes that have been posted online below.


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