According to representatives for the city of Indio, California, Coachella was fined $117,000 for violating the curfew.

On Sunday night, the event was scheduled to end at midnight Pacific, but Frank Ocean’s headline performance ran over by about 25 minutes. Coachella also went above the curfew of 1:00 a.m. Pacific on Friday and Saturday by a total of 25 minutes and 22 minutes, respectively.

The penalties are a part of a 2013 agreement between the city of Indio and Goldenvoice. That letter states that violating curfew by five minutes will result in a daily fine of $20,000. The following minute will cost you $1,000. The penalties are paid into Indio’s General Fund, which supports the city’s police and fire departments as well as general running expenses.

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On Sunday, Ocean’s headline performance started about an hour later than expected. Reworked renditions of songs from his discography, deep cuts, and a few covers were all performed by the secretive Blonde singer. Ocean stayed on the main stage, mainly performing from a stool and making his way back to interact with his live band, despite a catwalk and circular platform branching off of it. After the fact, sources said that Ocean had hurt his ankle earlier in the week and had been advised by medical professionals to alter his stage performance.


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