After her unreleased music was leaked, Ariana Grande jokingly said that her fans had now heard “every bad song” she had ever written.

After a bundle of previously unreleased songs appeared online last month, the 29-year-old singer responded, admitting it’s “impossible to keep things” from her devoted following.

You guys have heard every horrible song and b* demo that I’ve ever created, she stated in a new R.E.M. Beauty video. Hilarious.

It’s impossible to conceal information from you. You must attempt a few swings and misses.

The ‘7 Rings’ hitmaker was asked whether there were “any secrets soon to come” later in the video, which also saw her applying various beauty products while responding to fan inquiries.

“No secrets,” she said in response. I’ve used up all my secrets. It’s terrible that you’ve taken all of my unreleased music, I’m laughing.

She previously referred to her life as “beautiful and surreal,” adding that she is “growing so much right now.”

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She said, “Life is lovely and surreal, and I’m learning so much and developing so much right now, while also working my tail off and loving every moment to the fullest extent possible. Therefore, I’m grateful.

Ariana, who hasn’t put out an album since 2020’s “Positions,” made her musical comeback in February when she linked up with her friend and collaborator on the remix of The Weeknd’s 2016 song from the album “Starboy,” “Die For You.”

The ‘Dangerous Woman’ singer previously assured fans that she is still a singer and reminded them of her vocal prowess on a rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ from 1939 classic ‘The Wizard of Oz’, as she has been busy working on the two-part movie adaptation of its Broadway musical prequel ‘Wicked’.

When a TikTok user asked her why she wasn’t singing anymore, she said, “Literally on set filming two musical movies all day every day.”


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