One of the best heavyweight fighters of all time is Mike Tyson. You most likely didn’t need us to tell you that, though. His resume speaks for itself overall.

He was feared in the ring and one of the hardest punchers ever. These days, Tyson has been content to manage his cannabis company while simultaneously serving as the host of a hugely popular podcast. It has been entertaining to watch this triumph, and there is no doubt that fans are interested in the legend’s upcoming ventures. He did, after all, compete against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020.

But Jake Paul’s knockout of Nate Robinson ultimately eclipsed that contest with Jones Jr. However, the fight between Jones Jr. and Tyson ended in a draw despite their impressive performance. Fans have been demanding a rematch ever since. In addition, it seemed likely that Tyson would challenge Evander Holyfield. Unfortunately, a disagreement over money caused that fight to ultimately be called off. After all of that, there seems to be a genuine desire to watch Iron Mike engage in combat once more.

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Tyson, Mike Speaks

In an interview with TMZ, Tyson discussed the possibility of a rematch. He is open to anything, as you can see in the video up above. But it would have to be at a fair price. He would fight anyone, albeit Holyfield and Jones Jr. are both respectable and desirable choices. “My mind functions more clearly when I see the people who will be paid at the conclusion of the product. Tyson acknowledged, “I can’t express myself right now financially. It goes without saying that there is still some persuading to be done.

Overall, there is still a huge desire for a Mike Tyson fight. However, someone will have to drop the bag in order to get it. Someone will undoubtedly pay to watch Tyson fight someone given how much money these YouTube stars are making. Tell us in the comments who you’d want to see Tyson go up against.


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