A new day has begun on Live!

The popular morning show Live With Kelly and Ryan Mark will continue on April 17. As the new co-hosts of the No. 1 morning talk show in the nation, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos will be bringing their marriage to American homes nationwide for the foreseeable future.

And for the first time, the original idea of the show is being more directly realized. When it was revealed that Consuelos will take Ryan Seacrest’s place as Ripa’s new co-host, executive producer Michael Gelman commented, “The real concept of the show, in a symbolic sense, is that they are husband and wife.” They are conversing about what is happening while holding their coffee mugs.

Consuelos thinks he and his wife will give the morning program a feeling of relatability. He argues that the fact that they are parents, company owners, siblings, and a married couple may all reassure people.

According to him, “I think that’s kind of the magic of what we bring,” he says to The Hollywood Reporter. When we were working together on a soap that would lead us down [a path], or whatever happened last night as it related to the dialogue, we would talk about what was going to happen with the in-laws, our kids, or our friends. Therefore, I immediately ask myself, “Wait, what are we going to talk about?” We share a common history, and I find it to be incredibly sympathetic.

Consuelos declined to reveal what will happen in his debut episode as Ripa’s new, permanent co-host, but he did hint that “something really sweet” will occur that will have a “full circle” effect — he wouldn’t specify if it would be for the couple or for the show.

Consuelos opens up in the chat below about why he and Ripa first had reservations about him joining the show as co-host, how they will maintain unity in all facets of the program, and, yes, their honesty regarding their sex lives.

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The creators noted (in the announcement) that a couple talking is the idea behind the show, and now you’re bringing this to reality. Kelly has referred to this as “the nation’s weirdest social experiment,” but the producers pointed out that this is only the show’s premise. How do you feel about the new format where you work with Kelly on the morning program as well as her real husband?

It makes me incredibly happy to be her husband. (Laughs.) And I’m really excited to do the show. Over the years, especially the last few, I’ve done it a ton of times. We discussed the chance when it arose, and naturally, the question “Wait, we’re working together?” was raised. But we soon understood that, at least I did, we had both started out in the company as coworkers. All My Children was my first position. For seven years, we were coworkers.

Our plots were intertwined. Those days were much longer. Early on at that time, we had little children. So, I’m not sure. We appear to be really enthusiastic about it. I adore hosting the program. It’s distinctive. I don’t normally [do] that. Since I’m an actor, a different muscle was being used. I’m quite enthusiastic about it because I’m working with some of the top people in the industry.

Kelly revealed in a recent interview that she wasn’t immediately certain that you taking over as the show’s next regular host would be a good idea. When you were initially contacted about the gig, did you have any comparable reservations? Did she ever think of leaving?

No doubt. It is the top program. I didn’t want to make any mistakes. It’s similar like joining a championship football team when there is only one direction to go: down. She reaffirmed that every time we’ve done it, the response has been fantastic as I said, “Wait a minute, I wanna make sure I don’t mess anything up.” We enjoy it a lot. The schedule is excellent beyond belief.

Everyone believes that you begin at four in the morning. On occasion, we don’t leave the house till eight in the morning. The studio is only a 10-minute drive away, and the show ends at 10 p.m. You start at 9 and finish at 10, although on some days when we’re doing multiple things or anything else, you finish at 11:30.

It’s a terrific schedule if you’re coming from a one-hour, single-camera show where you’re picked up at 7 in the morning and dropped off at 9 at night. We certainly compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages, and the former was significantly longer than the latter. It wasn’t really cons at all. Together, we accomplished this. We’ve collaborated on shows. Therefore, if there were any early objections, we quickly overcame them. It’s not a big deal, as we’ve come to learn.

So there weren’t any conversations about Kelly wanting to walk away?

No. I mean, from our marriage? (Laughs.)

No, no. The show! (Laughs.)

I understand what you said. (Laughs.) No, all that changed were the contracts. the contractual matters. It seemed like a wonderful approach to… I know we won’t go on like this forever, but I don’t want to start talking about the end before we’ve even begun.

In relation to the contracts, what discussions have you had with ABC and the program about how your addition could change Live?

The discussions weren’t very ground-breaking. I believe we simply kind of had the same thought process; I’ve done it a lot over the past several years, and it’s been great. They too believed it would be fantastic. It hasn’t been done, in my opinion. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who host Morning Joe, I believe. But that’s a separate show. That is a lot of news. That news program is highly prevalent. Therefore, it would be distinctive, especially from the standpoint of a married couple on television. They made me aware that I saw the world very differently from Kelly, which would make for a really fascinating discussion.

You enjoy a cup of coffee with these individuals during the first half of the show. They discuss what they did differently the previous evening. We do things differently, too. Kelly doesn’t really enjoy watching plays, so I’ll go watch one by myself. Musicals are her thing. She doesn’t want to see any of the movies I want to see. Therefore, we’ll deliver more than just a simple “Oh, what did you do last night?” question. You are aware of what we did, so. Up until around 8 o’clock at night, we sat in bed and watched TV. As a result, I believe they were eager to work on this project together.

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It’s amusing. When we were speaking with friends from London, they mentioned the chat program Richard & Judy, which has been airing in that country for many years. They’ve been doing it in the morning for years and they enjoy it. They’re a married pair. “Is it good?” I ask. And they say, “It’s wonderful. It’s absolutely wonderful. “Okay, what don’t you like about it?” I ask. “No, no, we love it,” they respond. In actuality, their union is rather wonderful.

Have you and Kelly established any rules or boundaries regarding the frequency of your home preparation and talk about the show?

There is undoubtedly a wide range of topics that we can discuss. Like every marriage, there are a lot of things that you don’t want to discuss. Although I don’t believe there is much in there that would even be fascinating to talk about, I still have faith in her. I have complete faith in her. She may have faith in me. Again, I’ve benefited from doing this in the past. She and I both understand where the line is and neither of us intends to cross it. Thus, I believe it to be all in good fun. We haven’t had a formal discussion on what is prohibited and what is fair game.

In contrast to before Ryan joined the program, this transition appears to have been fairly seamless. How does it feel this time compared to how it felt for Kelly in the past, given that you were with her during her entire time on the show, changed co-hosts, and are now the new co-host?

I believe you are correct. Really, it was handled properly. Ryan and her conversed. First of all, they have been quite close for a long time. These discussions about what he had been yearning to achieve for so long were ongoing. Everyone participated in the conversation, which I believe is incredibly beneficial. It went pretty smoothly, which made me quite happy.

Kelly has also previously discussed her occasionally difficult workplace experiences and how they taught her to speak up for herself on the show behind the scenes. Now that you are collaborating with her, how are you experiencing it firsthand?

Let me tell you something. I met my wife almost 28 years ago, 29 years ago, and she was the same person then. She comes from South Jersey. Dad was a bus driver, became the president of the transportation union down there. They’re fighters. She’s always fought for what’s right, and it’s not anything new to me. She came to the party a fighter. I’m always extremely proud of her, and she has the most… She has a lot of integrity. And she’s elegant in the way she describes how she feels, with always a lot of respect. And she definitely stands up for what’s right. And I’m always proud of her.

How will you approach that now as a united front?

Oh my God, we’re going to rule the planet. No. (Laughs.) I believe that communication is always important, and at this time, I am not aware of any issues. But no, we talk a lot to one another and we really, truly complement each other.

I believe that one of us always uses the other as a sounding board while considering a decision. Since it will be happening in real time for both of us, I believe that will be the only difference. She therefore brings years of experience to this presentation. I will thus continue to question her about that. She also always asks for my advice because I’m her husband. So I believe everything will go off without a hitch.

How do you envision your relationship with Kelly interacting on the show?

When performing a live TV show, the pace is like hyperspeed, so you go with what you find intriguing. Our shared experiences have given us a lot of nuance. I’ve typically done a lot of stuff that are, I hesitate to say, the punchline, but I’m unquestionably very, very at ease playing the straight man in a comedic routine. I’m not sure. We’ve shared so many interesting and non-fancy adventures, in my opinion.

They don’t say, “Oh, my gosh, you guys live this great life,” even though I consider myself extremely fortunate to lead the life we do. Instead, we always think of one another as two young people from a little town. She was from a tiny South Jersey town. For several years, I resided in a small farming community in southern Illinois. That’s sort of where we come from. Our parents remain married. We believe that our three children, for the most part, are pretty excellent. (Laughs.)

So, I believe that because we have siblings and are parents, a married couple, and business people, we have a relevant relationship that many people at home may say, “Oh, they’re just like us.” You do that. That truly irritates me. “Look, he acts the same way.” That, in a way, is the magic of what we contribute, in my opinion. And I am thrilled. It’s usually enjoyable for me for the first 20 minutes.

We must discuss a few topics that are newsworthy or are currently in the news. And almost nine out of ten times, we’ll start there, take about five left turns, and talk about something that will happen to our friends, kids, or in-laws, or about a time when we were working on a soap opera together that would lead us down [a road], or about whatever happened last night that is relevant to the conversation. So, I immediately ask myself, “Wait, what are we going to talk about?” We have a common history, and I find it to be incredibly sympathetic.

You’ve previously hosted as a guest. What tips have Ryan, Kelly, or any other talk-show presenters given you towards hosting one of these programs frequently?

I believe that what has worked for me when I’ve simply filled in is that I never really gave the next day much attention because there wasn’t one. Just that day has passed. And there’s the host conversation, the first 20 minutes, the celebrity interview that appears to sell a movie, a food section, or anything; that’s how I approached it.

So, I think that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna approach it one show at a time, have a lot of fun and not think too much about the next day because that part will come the night before. I’ll have the luxury of having the notes just about a few hours before that I usually have, so I think I’m just gonna take it — I know, it seems so cliché — but one day at a time. It’s really worked in the past. I think that’s what my push is gonna be.

Taking over a long-running show like this is a big responsibility. What elements do you hope will stick around when you take over for Ryan?

Oh my goodness, Michael Gelman and the rest of the crew did such a great job at maintaining the show’s identity. It’s a chat between two people, usually about what they did the previous night or about something fascinating to me and about life’s quirks. That is what makes the show magical.

That won’t change at all, in my opinion. I observe a change in the interviews. Simply said, I believe that the fact that we have a common past and experience makes the performance unique. She is aware of my thoughts at that moment. I’ll have some idea of what she’ll be considering. That’s the one modification I foresee occurring, albeit it’s not really a deliberate one. I believe it’s just a natural result of producing the show together.

Do you have any fresh ideas for the show that would draw on your unique history and collection of skills?

We undoubtedly had a few concepts. Just some fun things, we’ll save them for when we speak with Michael Gelman. Perhaps some other married couples who have collaborated in the past could offer us some guidance. But once more, I believe the show’s premise is not ground-breaking. It has changed. It has undoubtedly changed with time, but I believe it will continue to adhere to the show’s core values.

The Halloween spectacular on the show is one of its major features. Is there anything specific about the special episode that you’re looking forward to?

I’ve performed a few of those as well, merely small sketches. I am aware of the time and work they invested. It’s one of the years best shows, in my opinion. Since I’m an actress, I’m hoping to get these impressions or pieces. I was astounded by Ryan’s talent. Despite the fact that he is not an actor, I thought he performed an excellent job. Kelly also always excels.

She had a sinister Tammy Faye. It was fantastic. The employees put forth a lot of effort on this. They must have begun plotting beforehand. I don’t much enjoy Halloween. I dislike dressing up in costumes on special occasions. Therefore, I believe that this will make me popular enough that I might not need to do anything on Halloween.

You and Kelly have gained a lot of notoriety for being upfront about past relationship challenges, such as jealousy and your sex life. How do you intend to introduce this openness to the program?

That podcast was. It’s a podcast’s mystery. Excellent podcast produced by Kelly. This platform for her, in my opinion, is just fantastic. She is able to fully engage. Nobody converses as well as Kelly does. I’ll work with someone, and when I get home, she’ll ask, “Did you ask them about this?” “No, why would I ask them about that?” I say. She will then state, “I need to be there.” And the topics that are discussed on podcasts astound me. There is a certain coziness.

They relaxed their vigilance. Not captured on camera. Just a talk, really. She is quite skilled at it. However, I believe that, for the most part, podcast talks differ from those on a morning chat program. That, in my opinion, will be the key differentiation.

Kelly just made fun of you two adopting a vow of celibacy when you take over Live on Watch What Happens Live. due to the fact that ABC dislikes its TV partners “banging on the side.” Is there a conversation between you two when you view those headlines? How’s that going?

There isn’t much conversation here. The format of Andy’s show is how it is presented. He is an excellent interviewer, too. He inspires discussion of extremely amazing topics. Yes, that conversation wasn’t very long. You are aware that the news cycle moves very quickly.

Are there any topics that you two can’t discuss in public?

(Laughs.) Probably the limit of our ability has been reached. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, listen. I believe it is a fantastic question, but as I already stated, I’m not sure there is much more to add.

When you begin hosting the program, you’ll rank among the top Hispanic talk-show hosts. What does that feel like? How do you intend to open doors for future Hispanics who want to host daytime television?

Really lovely, really. That got a little of my attention. I really hope it opens up the way. I firmly believe that we require far greater representation. We do a lot of community discussion about it. It moves slowly and in bits and pieces, but perhaps this will be one small step toward more inclusiveness.

You portray the Hispanic father role in TV dramas like Riverdale, Only Murders in the Building, and How I Met Your Father, where you perform similar things. How has that been, exactly?

It’s amusing. I used to come home and say, “Babe, I’m like the dad,” when I first started working at Riverdale. I used to date the girl whose father didn’t approve, or something like that. “Well, you’re a dad,” she says. You have entered that area. Playing Selena Gomez’s and Cami Mendes’ father is exactly correct. Yeah, I’m the dad, I say. My ego doesn’t mind. Nothing I can do will change it. I appreciate you reminding me, but life is, regrettably, just about moving on to the next chapter. (Laughs.)

You’re acting as the father figure for some really wonderful women. That’s not that horrible, then, is it?

The best! And the best role of dad is to my daughter, Lola Consuelos. That’s the one I’m more proud of.


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