Ralph Yarl forgot his phone.

The 16-year-old went to the address he believed his parents had given him on Thursday night because they had requested him to bring up his younger brothers from their friend’s house.

The honor student stopped into the driveway of N.E. 115th St. in Kansas City, Missouri, and proceeded to the front door to fetch his younger twin siblings.

A “kind soul” and “well-mannered” boy rang the doorbell.

He was subsequently “shot in front of the residence by the homeowner,” Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said at a press conference on Sunday.

Ralph’s aunt, Dr. Faith Spoonmore, wrote in a GoFundMe to gather money for her nephew’s medical costs: “And the man shot him again as he fell to the ground.” (The number of shots Ralph received or the shooter’s race have not been confirmed by Kansas City police.)

Ralph was unaware that he had arrived at the incorrect home. According to police, he went to N.E. 115th St. instead of N.E. 115th Terrace, Fox 4 reports.

After some difficulty, “Ralph was then able to get up and run to the neighbor’s house, looking for help,” Spoonmore recalled.

He was advised to lie on the ground with his hands up, but he had to run to three other homes before someone eventually agreed to aid him, according to what she wrote.

The high school band section leader, who hopes to attend Texas A&M University, is currently in critical condition at a nearby hospital after suffering life-threatening wounds, according to authorities.

The unnamed householder was apprehended and given a 24-hour investigative hold before being brought into custody.

The homeowner was freed pending further investigation “after consulting with the Clay County prosecutor’s office due to the need to obtain a formal statement from the victim, forensic evidence, and compile additional information for a case file to be presented,” Graves said.

Ralph will provide a formal statement to investigators “as the teen’s injuries allow,” she said.

A person may be detained for up to 24 hours while a felony is being investigated, she added. According to her, within 24 hours, the person must either be charged or released.

The prosecutor in this instance “requires more information from investigators that would take more than 24 hours to compile,” according to her statement.

She remarked, “We understand the frustration and are working as quickly as we can to ensure the criminal justice process.”

Doorbell ringing is not a crime,
In Kansas City and across the nation, frustration and anger are growing.

According to CNN affiliate KMBC, protesters have gone to the streets and social media to call for “justice for Ralph” while holding posters that read, “Ringing a doorbell is not a crime” and “The shooter should do the time.”

Numerous demonstrators gathered outside the residence of the person who shot Ralph on Sunday, demanding that charges be brought against him.

According to Dee Porter of the Peoples Coalition, “We wanted to show and let it be known that this is not OK,” she stated on Sunday, according to KCTV 5. He was one block from his intended location, so no one should fire through a door while ringing the doorbell inadvertently.

Halle Berry, Questlove, Justin Timberlake, and other famous people have commented.

“His name is #Ralph Yarl and I’m sick and tired of this feeling,” she tweeted. “When I learned that this precious 16-year-old had been shot in the head while trying to pick up his siblings after accidentally ringing the wrong address’ doorbell, my heart broke completely.”

I was a Ralph, wrote Questlove, who assisted the Yarl family in retaining well-known lawyers Lee Merritt and Ben Crump. Ralph was us all.

“Ralph rang the doorbell to pick up his younger brothers and was shot twice by a white man. He was a clever, talented, nice, outgoing 16-year-old child from a great family.


Merritt and Ben Crump slammed law authorities for releasing the homeowner in a statement made public on Monday.

There is no justification for the release of this dangerous and armed criminal who has admitted to shooting a defenseless, unarmed teen who rang his doorbell.

“We demand immediate action from Clay County prosecutors and law enforcement to locate, apprehend, and bring legal charges against the man responsible for this heinous and unjustified shooting.”

A ‘Kind Soul’ and a Talented Musician Spoonmore expressed her gratitude on behalf of her family that he survived the shooting.

According to KSHB, she stated, “We are telling a story that is different from the stories you typically hear.” He is still alive and recovering.

Ralph Paul Yarl is a fantastic boy, and I am not just saying this because he is my nephew, Spoonmore wrote in her heartfelt GoFundMe campaign, which has garnered more than $1 million. He is in fact. He participates in Science Olympia Team and the Technology Student Association at his school. band for competitions and jazz. He is one of Missouri’s best bass clarinet players, a section leader in the marching band, and a scholar. He recently received honorable mention for Missouri All-State Band. He participates in the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra on several instruments. He graduated from the Missouri Scholar Academy in 2022. Ralph is frequently seen playing a musical instrument. He adores everyone of them.

Ralph attended Missouri Scholar’s Academy last summer, where he had a whole college experience, Spoonmore continued. He intends to study chemical engineering at Texas A&M. He responded, “Well, if they have a scholarship for music or academics, I know I can get it,” when asked how he intended to enroll in this university.

Spoonmore stated, “Ralph’s teacher and friends describe him as ‘a kind soul,’ ‘quiet,’ ‘friendly,’ ‘well-mannered,’ ‘always willing to help,”super smart,’ and a’musical genius.'”

The adolescent was anticipating high school graduation “and finally getting the opportunity to visit West Africa before starting college,” Spoonmore wrote on the website.

Life right now appears very different, Spoonmore continued. Despite his good physical health, he still has a long way to go in terms of his mind and emotions. It is incomprehensible the trauma he must face and survive. He truly is a miracle. These kinds of tales have been told to us numerous times, and regrettably, the majority of black males are no longer with us to have another chance.

Ralph deserves to live out the world he envisions. He is deserving of being the beacon of hope that humanity is still good and that LOVE triumphs.

Police are still looking into the incident as Ralph heals.

According to Graves, detectives investigated the scene on Thursday night and found the gun.

“We want the community to know that we are committed to justice in this case and every case, and that we work every day to seek that justice for all victims of the crime,” continued Graves.

“I want everyone to know that I am listening and I understand the concern we are receiving from the community,” stated Graves.


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