According to rumors, Sylvester Stallone may produce a Rocky TV series.

Stallone, who was undiscovered at the time, made his cinematic debut in 1976’s Rocky as the main character, a Philadelphia-based minor-league club fighter who gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete for the championship. Stallone appeared in five of the follow-ups to Rocky over the years, writing and directing several of them. Stallone reprises his role as Rocky in the first two Rocky offshoot movies, which is how the Rocky franchise is still alive today. Even though Stallone skipped Creed 3, he stayed on as a producer.

Now that Amazon Studios intends to develop the boxing property, a Stallone-produced Rocky TV series is allegedly a possibility, according to Deadline. Stallone and his production business, Balboa Productions, recently secured a first-look agreement with the studio for both film and television projects. According to the trade’s sources, that deal “may be part” of “expanding the Rocky brand into television.” The fundamental problems with the Rocky movie rights and the conflict between Stallone and producer Irwin Winkler may cause development to go slowly.

Future Plans for the Rocky Franchise Described

When MGM’s huge portfolio of intellectual property was officially bought by Amazon Studios in March 2022, Michael B. Jordan, the franchise’s star and newly minted director, already had plans for a larger Creed universe encompassing film and television. This includes a simmering spinoff based on Amara, who was Mila Davis-Kent’s character in Creed 3 and is the deaf daughter of Adonis and Bianca. Jordan drew heavily from Japanese animation for the battle scenes in Creed 3; an anime series is also in the works. Robert Lawton’s previously planned Drago spinoff film is also in production, although it’s not certain if it will ever be released.

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Stallone’s Rocky TV series is only the most recent project to open up at Amazon. The show would probably focus on a younger Rocky’s beginnings as a boxer, his early club fights, and his time working for the Philly mafia as a loan shark debt collector. However, there are no formal specifics at this moment. Stallone would probably produce the Rocky TV show if it happens, though he may perhaps write it as well, given his first-look agreement with the studio.


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