Seacrest, out!

After six seasons as a co-host on the ABC syndicated daytime program Live with Kelly and Ryan, the radio presenter and broadcaster joined Kelly Ripa for his final day as co-host on Friday.

Both Seacrest, 48, and Ripa, 52, broke down in tears throughout the poignant show as they reminisced about their past relationships. However, it was also a happy hour for Seacrest and his family, who were joined by girlfriend Aubrey Paige, who made a rare appearance.

Regarding his relationship with Paige, 26, whom he has been dating since 2021, Ripa said to Seacrest, “We will all keep our same mailing addresses in case there is ever a wedding invitation.” The phrase “Just in case!”

In addition to cheering him on from the audience, Seacrest’s parents and sister also joined him on stage for a toast. Even Seacrest’s 4-year-old niece Flora made an appearance on camera to wish her Uncle Ry Ry well, saying, “I’m so proud of you.”

The long-running talk show’s Live with Kelly and Ryan period came to an end that morning. The program will become Live with Kelly and Mark on Monday as Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos, who will replace Seacrest as host, makes his formal full-time debut.

Consuelos, who was also present to send Seacrest off, surprised his pal with a cake in the form of a sardine can. Before they started the customary passing of the mug, Consuelos, 52, remarked, “You’re such a pro, you make it look easy and we all know it’s not.” “I’ll never forget your encouragement and kind remarks. I cherish you.

The actual highlight of the hour, however, was the relationship between Ripa and Seacrest, whose joy they shared was evident throughout portions that featured highlights of Seacrest’s time on the program.

At the conclusion of the episode, Ripa remarked, “This has without a doubt been the fastest six years of my life.” “And even though you and I have been friends for a very long time, I feel like I gained a younger brother-slash-oldest son via this process, which is the craziest sensation. And I’m incredibly appreciative that this show’s popularity has allowed us to grow even closer—yet codependent—in our relationship.

“Ryan’s ability to showcase the abilities of others has been a part of his job for many years. However, I believe that on our program you had the opportunity to demonstrate your boundless skills to the world. I’ve often jokingly compared you to an onion because of all the layers. Your generosity is unequaled, but in reality you are like a growing onion with layers upon layers of goodness, kindness, and charm.

“We just want to thank you for being wonderful, for being an original, authentic addition to this show,” she continued. “From the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of all of our hearts.” Our family will always include you. We won’t ever part ways with you. All we will say is, “See you soon.

Seacrest appeared to be moved by Ripa’s words since he struggled to contain his tears as he bid farewell.

He declared, “I am a very lucky man. It’s not lost on me how blessed I am, I want you all to know. I’ve spoken my way through my entire career. conversing on the radio and television. Although I live and die by words, today it’s difficult for me to express how much being here and with you has meant to me.

He continued by expressing his gratitude to the audience, Disney/ABC, and the Live team, which included Michael Gelman, a veteran executive producer, and Art Moore, vice president of programming for WABC-TV. “This is a unique location. There is no place like here, he continued, remembering “the people, the places, the stunts, the games, the interviews, the food” and even “the imperfections” presented on the show every single day.

Then Seacrest praised Ripa and expressed his love and admiration for his buddy and co-host. “I so appreciate your leadership, love, and I will miss you… at least for the weekend,” he joked.

“You took this stranger from L.A. and made me part of your family and welcomed me into this well-oiled machine that you have led for so many years,” he added.

The First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s presence and Michael Bublé’s video farewell were among the episode’s other highlights.

The first indication of Seacrest’s departure came in February, when he said on Live that he would be leaving the show and returning to the West Coast in time for American Idol’s live performances in Los Angeles.

Leaving was a “tough, tough” and “bittersweet” decision, Seacrest said on the program.

Seacrest honored his friendship with Ripa in his exit announcement, just as he did during his goodbye program on Friday. In a statement, he stated, “Working alongside Kelly over the past six years has been a dream job and one of the highlights of my career.” Despite the fact that we will always be a part of each other’s life, I will miss spending my mornings with her. She has been an excellent friend, partner, and confidante.

“I also want to thank Michael Gelman and the entire staff and crew — we’ve made memories to last a lifetime, met some of the most incredible people, and had the warmest welcome into the homes of so many viewers across America,” the actor continued. It’s been a fun journey, and I’m eager to hand the reins over to Kelly’s “real” husband, Mark.

In a statement, Ripa expressed her sincere gratitude for the past six years spent with her beloved friend of too many years to list. She said that she would miss waking up with Ryan. Ryan has a unique combination of enthusiasm, passion, and love for entertainment.

She said on the show in February, “I can’t thank you enough on our behalf. “No one else is like you. Nobody is truly capable of what you accomplish. Both in real life and on television, I know you. I only say this about a select few people: you get what you see. This is a good man; it is not an act. You never cease to impress me.

subsequently then, the two have treasured their last few months on the show, and Ripa has subsequently assured sources that the changeover would go well.

Ripa noted that Seacrest and Consuelos are “like brothers” and that Seacrest is family, saying that nothing would actually change other than the name on the mug. “Ryan is like my — I always say is like my brother, but he’s also like my oldest child,” I once said. Therefore, it will be seamless.

He will occasionally return to the show to fill in, according to Ripa and Seacrest.

She informed a source that it’s “less likely” that Michael, 25, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 20, the couple’s three grown children, will routinely appear on the program. They occasionally appear on the show as a courtesy to mom, she added, but if they think we’re pressuring them, they’ll probably reject the idea.


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