During the COVID-19 epidemic, socially isolated studio sessions by Metallica were used to make their latest album.

Drummer Lars Ulrich has spoken out about the struggle to start the project in late 2020 after months of lockdowns and restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak, insisting the sessions gave him a “new sense of appreciation for what we have.” The metal band is releasing their new album, “72 Seasons,” this week.

“At our studio, we have cameras set up everywhere, so when you occasionally see a clip, it’s like, ‘Wow, oh yeah, we all had masks on!'” Lars said to NME.com. We all wore masks and practiced social separation for the first six months that we worked on this record.

“After all that, I believe we now have a renewed feeling of gratitude for what we already have. After the last couple of years, I’m feeling quite appreciative of the fact that we actually made an album and survived, and I’m eager to resume performing live.

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Metallica is getting ready to embark on their “M72 World Tour,” during which they will do two gigs in each location with two entirely different sets. Lars confesses that it initially sounded like a fantastic idea, but that he now finds it to be a little intimidating.

“It seemed like a really good idea in 27 email chains, but now that it’s approaching in four weeks, it makes you wonder, ‘Whose idea was this?'” he continued.

In most places, we perform on a Friday and a Sunday during its two-year global tour. No repeat tracks, two completely different shows. Two distinct sets of auxiliary actions. It is comparable to attending a festival.

The tour will begin on April 27 and 29 in Amsterdam and make stops in Paris, Munich, and Madrid in addition to Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle in the United States.


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