Cardi B gave her fans a rare look into her “as Belcalis” daily routine.

She is frequently photographed in settings with her team and looking glamorous, but she wanted to show people the real her. She recently offered a glimpse into a typical day in her TikTok, detailing everything from her morning routine to her late-night studio sessions.

Cardi B gets out of bed to start the two-minute footage before cleaning her teeth, taking a shower, and getting ready for the day. In order to “get ready before [her] kids notice [her] up because, boom, once they know [she’s] up, they won’t leave [her] alone,” she said, she must act quickly. Cardi plays with her 5-year-old daughter Kulture and her 1-year-old son Wave after that. Cardi explains, “Normally we have someone doing lunch for me, but everyone’s on spring break, so I got all the duties.”

Cardi B’s Exercise Routine


Hey yall …..A glimse of a regular day as BELCALIS and not CARDI B!!

♬ original sound – Cardi B

Cardi left her son with her cousin after lunch so that she and Kulture could go to the gym. Cardi revealed that in order to regain her flexibility, she is working out for two hours each day and stretching for an additional hour. She stated, “I want to be able to be as adaptable as I was before I had my son.” But I can’t construct Rome in a day; my true objective is to be as adaptable and flexible as I was when I was a stripper.

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She addressed individuals who will probably comment on her liposuction treatment thereafter. She emphasized that visceral fat is the fat that surrounds your organs and cannot be removed with liposuction. Because they don’t exercise and instead just keep eating, girls with lipo sometimes end up with a snatched waist and a gut. As a result, their waist is small but they still have a belly.

Return to the studio

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The “Be Careful” rapper brought her followers along on a trip to Target with Kulture where she picked up a massager and rewards for her children’s excellent behavior, including toys. She fed them dinner and played with them for a while before going back to the studio to work on her upcoming studio album. Hopefully a release date for that will be announced soon.


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