King Von’s family, friends, and supporters criticized a contentious YouTube documentary that dubbed him “Rap’s First Serial Killer” and called for its removal.

King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer is a video that British documentarian Trap Lore Ross posted on his almost one million-subscriber YouTube channel on Friday, April 7.

On Sunday morning (April 9), the video was removed from YouTube. Trap Lore Ross announced this removal on Twitter and stated that he intended to have the video restored to his channel. The filmmaker wrote, “Video got taken down.” It’s Easter weekend, but I’m working with YouTube right now, so perhaps I can have it back soon. If you’re in need, Patreon is still available.

King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer, a documentary that lasts more than four hours, links the “Crazy Story” rapper to 10 distinct murders, many of which occurred in his Chicago-based birthplace. In the document, Von is accused of committing five killings in 2012 alone, including two in October 2012 that happened just a few weeks apart.

Trap In addition, Lore Ross speculates that Von killed three more people in 2014, including notorious Chicago street legend Gakira “K.I.” Barnes, a juvenile who is thought to have killed a number of people before to her own death in April 2014. The movie also connects Von to two murders: one in Atlanta in March 2019, and one in June 2018.

While Trap Lore Ross has received praise for his investigative abilities and has released several documentaries about deadly gang rivalries that spill over into the Hip-Hop world, his most recent work has also drawn criticism for Von’s comparisons to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Others have argued that Von’s label as a “serial killer” is unjustified and unfounded because he was never found guilty of any of the murders he is said to have committed.

One user responded to Trap Lore Ross’ assertions in King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer on Reddit with a lengthy refutation, pointing out various inconsistencies and purported mistakes in the document that were factually dubious or inconsistent. I believe it’s obvious af that you are attempting to promote a narrative about von when you state that Von loves cereal and it is his way of expressing he is a serial killer, the user commented. “You conducted some investigation, but not enough. You claimed that von killed James in December 2012, despite the fact that von was detained in november 2012 and spent the entirety of 2013 behind bars. That is mistake number one.

“Error number two. It has already been established that King Doc was assassinated by Lamron. Error number three: You provided no proof that Von had anything to do with Dirty Rell, and the source of your proof for this was “Reddit.” With your mannmann theory, I guess von is connected to all the murders that oblock did from December 2017 to November 2020 because he was in Atlanta when this happened, which is error number 4. Von had nothing to do with Mannmann’s death because he was there at the time, and your evidence for it is that he laughed on IG Live about an opp being killed and his song problems, which is false.

Error number 5: Tyriq is another another body that people on Reddit made up, even Tyriq’s cousin denied having anything to do with it. We all know that Little Marc was slain by Drose or a thf member; I won’t even get into specifics, error number 6.

Trap In an effort to link Von to several of the aforementioned deaths, Lore Ross has previously profiled Von and given proof from social media posts, rap lyrics, and other sources. He has also written about rap battles involving people like Lil Durk, Chief Keef, 6ix9ine, NBA YoungBoy, G Herbo, Young Thug, 22Gz, 03 Greedo, and other deceased artists including Pop Smoke, FBG Duck, and XXXTentacion.

On November 6, 2020, King Von was killed in a shooting in Atlanta, which left six people injured and one person dead. Timothy Leeks, commonly known as Lul Timm, was detained following the fatal altercation, which was the consequence of Von’s longstanding dispute with Chicago rapper Quando Rondo. Leeks, a member of Rondo who is thought to have fired the rounds that murdered Von, was arrested on murder charges but was let go in March 2021 after paying a $100,000 bond. Leeks was detained once more in October 2022, this time on several drug-related allegations. The murder of King Von is still unsolved.


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