A potential personal trainer who advised Britney Spears that she needed to get her “younger body back” has come under fire from the pop star.

The singer of Toxic opened up about her body image in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday, confessing she just seen paparazzi images of her with a “pooch in (her) stomach.” She admitted that two months ago, she thought considering hiring a personal trainer but decided against it when the candidate offended her with comments about her body.

She wrote, “I took the time two months ago to find a trainer and the first thing she did with me was literally… and I’m not even lying… pinch the skin on my stomach and legs and told me I need to get my younger body back. It didn’t look like my body (in the paparazzi photos), and by no means am I saying my body is perfect. Why in the world did she act in that way? I cried because of it. I did it myself because, clearly, I didn’t hire her.

Along with a video of her dancing in her garden while wearing a crop top and shorts, the 41-year-old woman penned the caption. She claimed that she didn’t believe the paparazzi photos accurately depicted her figure and that she wanted to show her fans what she looked like.

She stated, “I’m sharing this because even though I’ve worked hard to get in shape, I still don’t look like the pictures the paparazzi take!!!” God knows my physique isn’t flawless, but I did want to share how it now looks… I put in a lot of effort for some people, like the trainer who might glance at those offensive pap photos and smile within. Yes, you all understand.

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Additionally, Britney revealed that she exercises for 45 minutes three times per week to maintain her fitness.



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