Three months after his nearly fatal snowplow accident, Jeremy Renner began his recuperation on Sunday, April 9.

Jeremy, 52, was seen outside his Los Angeles house using a motorized scooter to get around. Ava, 10, the father’s companion, was the Avengers actor’s daughter. As he sat in the scooter with his feet on the ground, he appeared to be in excellent spirits. When Jeremy visited Six Flags Magic Mountain a few days earlier, he appeared to be almost back to normal, but he was also using a large scooter.

“SPRING BREAK 2023!!! Leading the way as best I can!” On Friday, Jeremy posted an Instagram story with a caption. Jeremy was moving around the park on a motorized scooter that was probably provided by the facility, blasting Prince’s “Kiss” on a Bluetooth speaker. While driving, he grinned at the camera and jammed along with the speaker held to his ear, as if it were an old boombox. In addition, Jeremy posted a picture of himself and his team in front of the Six Flags Spring Break banner, which shows that everything is recovering well.

Contrary to the picture Jeremy created while speaking with ABC News host Diane Sawyer, these are happy pictures. The shocking interview, which aired on April 6, revealed that Jeremy thought about taking his own life after the terrible event. The Hurt Locker actor recalls telling his family to think about end-of-life options rather than “let me live on tubes on a machine.” “Let me go now if my existence is going to be on drugs and painkillers,” he remarked.

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Jeremy had taken his family on a ski trip to Reno, Nevada, at the beginning of the year. The land was being plowed by a 14,000-pound snowcat, and his nephew Alex, a small boy, was helping him. The plow slipped as a result of the icy weather, and Jeremy briefly lost sight of his nephew. He went to seek for Alex when he opened the door to the cab of the snowplow and fell out. Jeremy made an attempt to re-enter the vehicle out of concern that Alex would be trapped between the plow and a nearby truck.

But when he hopped onto the snowplow’s tracks, he was knocked off balance and into the path of the moving object. The actor was crushed by the plow and suffered over thirty fractured bones, a crushed lung, and other serious injuries. He required immediate medical attention.

In the Dianne Sawyer interview, Jeremy said, “It’s exactly what you would picture it would feel like. “I was on asphalt and ice. It is difficult to comprehend what that feels like, but when you look at the equipment, you can see it. I long to be on snow. You had the impression that you had lost all wind. The body is undergoing far too many changes for there to be any pain. It feels as though your soul could be in pain.


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