Artists are utilizing a variety of AI techniques to display some of the most cutting-edge digital creations in light of the social media commotion that artificial intelligence has caused.

The most recent such artist to post AI-generated photos of what millionaires would look like if they were destitute is Gokul Pillai. Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk are all mentioned in the article. Because artificial intelligence has improved so much, it is now possible to make a wide range of images quickly and easily, and they have a convincingly realistic appearance. One might mistakenly think it’s real due to how accurately the shading and pixels are detailed.

AI-produced “Slumdog Millionaires”

Artist Gokul Pillai posted the unfathomable photographs to Instagram with the title “Slumdog Millionaires. (Did I forget to add anyone to the list? The artist was able to create the richest individuals in the world as the poorest using an application called Midjourney, and the results are both frightening and stunning.

Each and every little detail was shown in the images that the artist posted on social media. Billionaires can be seen standing in front of a slum area while being photographed in rags.

Over 11,000 people have liked and commented on the Instagram image. “Creative and creative work_very nice,” one Instagram user commented. This is gold, said another user. However, Elon is the one person who, despite being destitute, still appears wealthy. Many of them were shocked, while some of them smiled at the painters’ “epic” imagination. A picture of Pope Francis earlier went popular on social media, with many applauding the 86-year-old’s fashionable attire. He was wearing a huge white puffy jacket. But the image was a phony. The photographs of the Pope wearing the white puffer jacket that went viral were produced by Midjourney using artificial intelligence (AI), which produces images from text-based instructions.


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