Priscilla Presley claims that despite a power struggle over Lisa Marie Presley’s fortune, she and Riley Keough have no animosity toward one another. In fact, Priscilla claims that she and Riley are on extremely good terms and that she is both very proud of Riley.

At an event in the U.K. where fans were treated to an in-depth Q&A session where Elvis Presley’s ex-wife opened up about her relationship with Riley, how she feels about Riley’s Daisy Jones & The Six success, and her still-close connection to the King of Rock and Roll, that was the message Priscilla delivered to an audience.

Jackie Howse, one of the roughly 30 fans who were fortunate enough to get a meet-and-greet with Priscilla, spoke with ET about not just attending the eagerly awaited event but also her experience.

“She was incredibly beautiful. She spoke really gently and was quite courteous, so [I] wasn’t sure exactly what to anticipate. Howse tells ET, “She truly did make me feel at ease.

Howse tells ET that she expressed her sympathies to Priscilla during the meet-and-greet in the wake of Lisa Marie’s passing in January; this nice deed, according to Howse, made Priscilla teary-eyed.

Howse claimed that Priscilla provided an autographed book to individuals who came to the meet and greet, calling it “a special surprise.”

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Howse continues, “She didn’t come across like, you know, ‘I’m a star’ type of thing. She came across as a really courteous, a very nice lady, and very much like she cared about you kind of thing.

Howse claimed that a large amount of home video footage was screened on the big screen before the program began.

Howse claimed that when Priscilla was questioned about the quarrel rumors, she stated, “They weren’t true.” She merely stated, “Don’t believe what has been said,” and her statement was very brief.

Riley and I get along well, Priscilla continued, according to Howse.

Another time, when talking about Riley and her accomplishment on the Daisy Jones & The Six series on Prime Video, Priscilla started crying.

Howse said that she gave off a strong sense of pride. In fact, she had added, ‘I am so proud of her. Really pleased with what she has accomplished. How proud she was of the family was evident in her expression.

The complicated relationship between Priscilla and Riley, which has been widely reported, was highlighted when Priscilla, two weeks after Lisa Marie passed away, filed legal paperwork contesting a 2016 amendment to her daughter’s will that removed Priscilla and Lisa Marie’s former business manager, Barry Siegel, from the list of co-trustees and replaced them with Riley and her brother, Benjamin Keough. (Benjamin died in 2020, leaving Riley as the sole heir.)

A source informed ET that Priscilla and Riley were not speaking after the legal action.

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“The past three weeks have been incredibly difficult and upsetting for Riley and Priscilla. Riley has been grieving the death of her mother and is devastated to have to handle a trust disagreement with a relative. Priscilla is unwavering in her belief that she has a strong case and will win in court. Although they aren’t speaking directly right now, Riley and Priscilla have been in contact with each other’s attorneys, the source said in February.

In the present, Priscilla claims that there is no animosity between them and that everyone is happy.

Regarding Elvis, Howse remarked that one of the queries asked by an audience member was whether Priscilla had ever gone to a psychic purely to get Elvis’ ear.
Howse revealed, “And she said yes, she actually has, and only last year.”

Priscilla responded by saying she had once witnessed Elvis’ ghost ascending the steps leading to her swimming pool.

She also claimed that she caught a glimpse of a man’s legs, just from the knee down, walking down the stairs out of the corner of her [eye]. “He was wearing the same socks and pants that he always wore.”


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