A married couple with three kids took a DNA test to find out more about their family history and learned they were cousins.

Colorado realtor Celina Quinones announced the news in a TikTok video, which has received mixed feedback and received over 4.4 million views since it was posted in March.

According to Celina, the amount of critical remarks is “horrible.” People continue to query, “Why would you do that? What makes you post this? However, I always take things with a grain of salt. Being a realtor, I’m accustomed to being badgered constantly, so I think it’s nothing.

Following just a few months of dating, Celina wed Joseph Quinones in July 2006. Even though their families had already met, nobody realized they were related.

We eventually got married, and even then, she says, “our grandmas seemed to be very similar, and they got along, but still, nothing clicked.”

Joseph continues, “We didn’t consider it. At family gatherings, funerals, or weddings, I never ran into her.

But about ten years into their marriage, Celina started compiling a family tree and did a DNA test through MyHeritage, and that’s when they made the revelation.

Celina says, “I requested the DNA testing. “They arrived, and sure enough, we performed our swabs, mailed them, and they left. After receiving the results, I conducted a family tree DNA search (another component of the search) and discovered him there. And I exclaim, “Oh no.”

Celina acknowledges that after learning the results, she started to question whether she and Joseph should continue dating.

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Celina, who chronicled her life in the book The Dream Catcher’s Keeper, claims to be unsure of the extent of her marriage to her spouse. She claims that since their DNA tests revealed they are second to seventh cousins, the nearest relative they might share is a great-grandparent.

After learning of the consanguinity, Celina says she put her family tree study on hold, but she adds that she still intends to someday find out more about the lineage that links her and Joseph.

Celina explains that she believed it would be “funny” at the time she made the decision to share the unexpected news on TikTok.

She admits, “I didn’t think twice about it. “I didn’t anticipate it would become so popular,”

She’s glad she did it, though.

She says, “I feel a little more free.” It is what it is, like. Why can’t I love my cousin by accident while there are others who can love no matter what or who?


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