After revealing the launch of her booze brand, Delola, Jennifer Lopez has found herself in hot water.

The actress/singer revealed her beverage business with an Italian coast theme on Wednesday, but the news drew harsh criticism from fans who pointed out that J.Lo herself does not drink.

The singer of “Let’s Get Loud” said in an Instagram video promoting the beverage, “I have been grinding non-stop for decades, and more and more I’m realizing the importance of enjoying life.”

“I just wanted to make something better,” said the inventor of Delola, “something better tasting, something with better ingredients, something I would want to drink with my family and friends.”

Disappointed fans rushed to the comments section as soon as Lopez shared the clip with her 240 million followers to criticize her choice to start an alcoholic beverage company.

“Oh wow. It’s disappointing,” one person remarked. “Given that you’ve been vocal about the harmful effects of alcohol and that you don’t consume yourself, why don’t you start a NA brand? I’m honestly curious as to why you’re selling alcohol because this feels so off-brand for you.

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Someone else wrote, “Jlo you don’t drink,” in agreement. Like something that is well known and has been brought up multiple times. I mean….I understand that a coin is a coin, but mother, you don’t drink.

Another person commented, “She doesn’t even drink, but get that bag girl,” before another added, “But you truly don’t drink? I hate how this is just a money grab.

Among the many critical remarks, one person questioned Lopez’s decision to start an alcohol company in light of her husband Ben Affleck’s history of drinking problems, which led to multiple stints in rehab.

Someone said, “Ah, capitalism strikes again.” Although she is not sober, J.Lo has stated that she rarely drinks and that when she does, it is for special occasions. It is unfortunate that she is pushing alcohol when there are so many wonderful NA drinks!

“Sure, it’s business and it’s about money, but it just seems fake AF to be promoting alcohol under the guise of ‘living a little,’ especially since she talks about how bad alcohol is for her skin and is not a part of her lifestyle (not to mention Ben’s previous problems). But heck, who’s against a dollar flip?

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According to the press release, Lopez said that this endeavor has been in the works for two years. She also said that Lola is a longtime nickname of hers that displays her “more playful, carefree side.”

Together with veterans of the beverage business Ken Austin, Jenna Fagnan, and her manager Benny Medina, Lopez founded the company.


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