Due to the 50th jubilee of hip-hop, we are constantly paying tribute to all the greats.

Bring on Flavor Flav, a legendary figure in the rap game, as we can all concur. The New Yorker, considered a musical prodigy, burst onto the scene in the 1980s, most famously as the co-founder of Public Enemy. He was admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

Today, Flavor Flav gave activities to Harvard University students and educated them about the history of hip-hop culture. In a footage obtained by TMZ, Flavor Flav is heard saying, “I’ma tell ya something man, I sound like I graduated from Harvard and I didn’t even go to school here,” as he sits down in front of a class at the Ivy League institution. Wowwww.”

A pupil in the audience then shouted out his improvised remarks, “Yeahhhh boye!”

In addition to reading Emily Dickinson’s poem “A Clock Stopped” aloud, Flavor Flav discussed how much fun he had on campus and how it had inspired his own lyrics throughout his long career.

Soon after, Flavor Flav gave one of his own personal clocks to the Hip Hop Archive Research Institute as a gift to the institution. You should also be aware of Flavor Flav’s habit of wearing a timepiece around his neck. In the film, Henry Louis Gates and Tommie Shelby, two professors, are seen accepting the prestigious award.

The celebrations continue, though. A writer’s workshop, a sit-down interview with PBS, and even helping to serve food to the homeless inside the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter with a few fortunate student groups are all part of Flavor Flav’s rumored return to Harvard tomorrow.

Lupe Fiasco, who had previously taught at Harvard, Dee-1, DJ Stretch Armstrong, and Khaliah Ali—the daughter of Muhammad Ali and a close friend of Flav—were some of the prominent figures in attendance.


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