In the 21-minute video, the rivalry between the two rap icons is explored, from their struggle for Hip Hop dominance in the early 2000s to their rivalry in the business world.

The show made clear that 50 and Hov’s romance had a rocky beginning. Fif, who was then on the rise, notably rapped about sticking up his rap competitors, including JAY-Z, in his controversial song “How to Rob” from 1999.

What? Jigga just made about four million? He shouted, “Don’t want an n-gga putting four through that Bentley Coupe door/ Got something to live for.

When performing “It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot)” at Hot 97’s Summer Jam that year, the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella hit back, rapping, “Go against Jigga yo ass is dense/ I’m about a dollar — what the fuck is 50 cents?”

Years later, JAY-Z admitted to speaking to 50 people backstage at the event, and it was all love, in an interview with Angie Martinez. Hov’s response, according to 50, helped to advance his budding career.

He told Rolling Stone in 2003, “I was complimented when he replied. “He wouldn’t respond in any way to someone he didn’t find attractive. Until he said that about me, I had never listened to the radio. If he hadn’t responded, I don’t know if my job would be where it is now.

After the Queens, New York native released his smash hit “In Da Club” and successful debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin, which propelled him to international fame, their rivalry by 2003 had changed from one between an undisputed king and a rising challenger to one that felt more like two equals.

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The Dr. Dre-produced anthem, which peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 and has since been awarded a 9x platinum certification, was sufficient for Jigga to warn his complete Roc-A-Fella roster.

Everyone was present in the studio, including Bleek and Beans, and I said, “Man, y’all got an opportunity right now. Just flood it, put out a lot of music. In a 2013 interview with The Breakfast Club, Jay remembered hearing the phrase “because 50 Cent is coming.” “It was over four months later when ‘In Da Club’ became popular. Okay, everyone is going to have to watch this tidal surge from the sidelines now, it was said.

JAY-Z, ever the tactician, reportedly made the decision to go on the 2003 Rock The Mic Tour with 50 Cent in order to travel closer to his adversaries. To promote their respective sneaker collaborations with the sports giant, the duo even freestyled together in a Reebok commercial.

But wearing the same brand didn’t seem to put out the competing spirit, as 50 boasted about outselling Jay’s S. Carter sneakers “six to one” with his G-Unit Reeboks in a later interview. Hov also canceled his participation in the second leg of their joint tour because he had already decided to quit.

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The two never worked together musically again until JAY-Z and Diddy joined 50 Cent on his 2007 smash “I Get Money” remix four years later. However, the shots continued to fly as Hov reminded 50 that the Big Apple still belonged to him.

The New York heavyweights have continued to trade jabs despite the fact that both men have moved away from music over the years—50 reinventing himself as a TV mogul and Jay becoming a multi-billionaire who still blesses the mic on occasion.

Fif poked fun at Hov by saying that Lil Mama’s interruption of his and Alicia Keys’ performance at the 2009 MTV VMAs was due to the fact that he is no longer scary in an interview with DJ Envy.

He said, “He’s lot more approachable. People are feeling confident enough to enter his stage because of the Beyoncé and, I dunno, Sinatra vibe he’s attempting to create.

The show also highlights 50’s more recent criticism of Jay, including his harsh evaluation of his 2017 album 4:44.

I thought the excrement was okay, but I’m going to keep it a secret because the shit was too intelligent, he said. “I felt like I should be sporting a tie, a fucking sweater around my waist, spectacles, and sh*t. Ivy League excrement was used. That soundtrack reminded me of golf course music.

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The tension between 50 Cent and JAY-Z has created some truly memorable moments over the years while keeping fans intrigued for a very long time, even though their rivalry never intensified like their respective beefs with Ja Rule and Nas did.

But according to 50, Hov never really presented a threat to him when he was at the pinnacle of his abilities.

In 2009, he said to Tim Westwood, “There ain’t never no 50 Cent-JAY-Z conversations questioning whether there was a competition between the two of them.” “50 Cent and JAY-Z have very different levels of worldwide energy. His best-selling album sold 430-or-so thousand copies; mine, in the form of two albums, sold five million. Get Rich or Die Trying and The Massacre are those songs.

Because America can be bought and we can buy all the marketing money, let them believe there is competition there. However, there aren’t enough marketing resources available to influence how the rest of the world thinks.

Watch the entire show down below:


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