Sony might be returning to the market for portable gaming consoles.

. Insider Gaming’s most recent story made a suggestion that Sony might soon introduce a new portable PlayStation device. If the rumors are true, Sony will be making a comeback to the handheld market after notably leaving it with the discontinuation of the PlayStation Vita a few years ago. Although it doesn’t yet have an official name, the upcoming handheld gaming device is internally referred to as the Q Lite, the story continues.

Before Sony ceased producing the PlayStation Vita in 2019, it had been on the market for more than eight years. The Vita was a commercial failure that frequently missed its global sales goals, despite continuing to have a devoted fan base among handheld gaming enthusiasts.

In addition to falling short of its main rival, the Nintendo 3DS, the Vita also had to contend with the increasingly popular smartphone gaming market. With each new iteration of smartphones, gaming performance improved, which reduced the need for handheld gaming consoles.

Given Sony’s disappointing experience with standalone gaming devices like the PSP and Vita, it may come as a surprise to some that the company is thinking about returning to the market. It’s interesting to note that Sony appears to be making several efforts to prevent the destiny of this upcoming handheld from being the same as that of its predecessors.

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The likelihood that this console, which is still under development, will vary significantly from earlier Sony handheld consoles was one of the report’s main takeaways. The Q Lite is being made to function with PlayStation’s Remote Play feature, which enables users to remotely control their PlayStation consoles and stream material from them, according to the report.

The Q Lite won’t function as a standalone gameplay machine like Sony’s earlier handhelds, more like a PS5 accessory. According to the report, Sony does not plan to market the Q Lite as a cloud streaming device, so it is more likely to remain near the consoles than specialized streaming handhelds.

The story also provides a sneak preview of the hardware specifications for the Q Lite. According to rumors, the device will have a sizable 8-inch, 1080p LCD panel and handle 60 frames per second gaming. The device will also need to be connected to the internet constantly, according to the story.

The report speculates that consumers may be able to purchase the Sony Q Lite before the end of 2023 without providing a debut date. The item is reportedly currently in the QA process and could be released soon after Sony unveils the PS5’s rumored detachable drive. According to the story, the Q Lite will probably be released before Sony introduces the PlayStation 5 Pro in 2024.


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