Shaq reverts to being Superman.

Eric Kilburn Jr., a football player from Michigan, became well-known last week after his mother made his struggles to find shoes for his size 22+ feet public through a GoFundMe page and pleaded for help in finding both short- and long-term solutions to help make sports, and everyday life for that matter, more accessible to her son.

Since then, the family has experienced an outpouring of support, including donations to their GoFundMe page from kindhearted people and promises from sneaker companies to create special shoe lasts in Eric’s size so they can eventually create custom goods for him. By sending Eric a selection of Shaquille O’Neal’s custom shoes that the company produces on a shoe last created specifically for Shaq, who also happens to have a size 22 foot, Shaquille O’Neal, a longtime partner and partial owner of Reebok, was able to offer some more immediate solutions.

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After getting to know the family and learning how much Eric had admired Shaq for a very long time, Reebok was able to help Eric arrange for an unexpected phone call from his hero. Shaq had the opportunity to communicate with Eric personally and offer his own words of support and inspiration. Since that time, the two have stayed in touch, and Shaq and Reebok are eager to help Eric succeed in his future pursuits.


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