As a result of obtaining the film and television rights to the venerable beat-’em-up game Street Fighter, Legendary is prepared to make a sonic boom. On upcoming projects, the firm will collaborate with the video game developer Capcom.

One of the longest-running combat video game series ever is Street Fighter. Street Fighter II, the 1991 game that inspired numerous special editions and remakes, marked the pinnacle of the genre, which had its beginnings with the 1987 arcade game Street Fighter. In total, the series has sold 49 million units globally. Street Fighter 6 will be released on June 2.

It is well-known for having characters like Ryu, Ken, Chung-Li, Guile, and M. Bison, all of whom are recognizable due to their distinctive techniques (and catchphrases like “hadouken!”).

Hollywood has previously taken an interest in Street Fighter; in 1994, Universal released the disastrous Col. Guile movie, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and also starring Kylie Minogue, Ming-Na Wen, and the late Raul Julia. Kristin Kreuk played the main character in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009), which was published by 20th Century Fox more than ten years later. It was a commercial and critical bomb like its precursor. A variety of animated versions have also been adapted for the big screen.

Dune: Part Two is scheduled for release on November 3 by Legendary, which has a licensing agreement with Sony. Its agreement to produce Street Fighter coincides with the recent commercial success of video game versions, including Paramount’s Sonic movies, Sony’s Uncharted, and HBO’s The Last of Us. The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which marks Nintendo’s first collaboration with a Hollywood company in 30 years to bring one of its prized properties to the big screen, will be released on Friday by Universal.


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