John Lennon hadn’t seen his son Julian in a while when he first started courting May Pang.

But with Pang’s encouragement, the father-son bond started to mend, something Pang is still proud of, the author of this week’s edition of PEOPLE, says.

Pang, 72, remembers that “he hadn’t seen [his first wife] Cynthia in years.” He was very grateful when I said, “[but] I’ll be there to help guide this along.”

When Pang first encountered the young Julian at the Lennon and Ono family’s Tittenhurst Park estate in England, she was serving as their personal secretary. The two quickly bonded while playing together in golf buggies, as she describes in her brand-new documentary The Lost Weekend (out in theaters on April 13).

By the time Pang and Lennon began courting in 1973, she had advanced matters by persuading the late Beatle to extend an invitation to Julian and his mother Cynthia to visit for the first time in years. When Pang and Lennon moved in together in 1974, they made sure their Manhattan apartment had a bedroom left aside for Julian, whose 18-month relationship he later dubbed his “lost weekend.”

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According to Julian, 60, “Dad always seemed very happy and youthful when he was with May.” She made our partnership brighter.

Julian was taken to both Disney World and Montauk, where the pair had their hearts set on a Scottish-style residence. Before Lennon remarried Ono in 1975, according to her, arrangements were already in place to purchase the home.

Pang explains that although her relationship with Lennon didn’t last, she did make a lifelong friend in Cynthia Lennon who would remain by her side until her passing in 2015.

She was fantastic. Cynthia was someone Pang would frequently see over the years, and she once said of her, “I’d do anything for her.”

She and Julian have stayed in touch over the years, and last year, Julian used a Pang-taken snapshot of him as a kid to decorate the cover of his most recent album, Jude. She comments, “I’m glad he’s his own individual. “I like that,” he said.

On April 13, The Lost Weekend opens in cinemas. Additionally, Pang will present two photo exhibits at City Winery in Philadelphia and New York City on April 8 and 9, respectively. (April 15 and 16).


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