Howell Wayans, the father of the well-known Wayans family, passed away on Saturday at the age of 86, according to his youngest son Marlon.

Upon hearing the news, Marlon Wayans posted a heartfelt homage to his father on Instagram, referring to him as a “legend” who also raised Keenen Ivory, Damon, Shawn, Dwayne, Kim, Nadia, Elvira, Diedra, and Vonnie with wife Elvira Alethia.

In the photograph he posted to remember his father, Marlon and Howell make peace signs for the camera as the father kisses his son on the face.

“When I was a kid, I questioned my father about his career aspirations. The man merely stated, “I wished to be a man. Marlon, 50, penned. I responded, “Not a lawyer? a physician? The actor? ‘Just a guy,’ he said.

I said ‘but every child becomes a man,’ he continued. Dad remarked, “Not true.” Then, I inquired, “What is a man?” “A man takes care of himself and his responsibilities,” my father once said. Family always comes first for him. I decided I wanted to be a man after that.

“I want to thank you, Pop, for setting a good example for all of your sons. I hope that one day all young Black lads will mature into men like you. Little child adores you. And if I ever need you, I’ll know precisely where to look—in my Bible, which is currently next to my bed, he said.

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An Instagram post from a family acquaintance and actor named Omar Epps honored Howell. Words simply cannot express how I am experiencing at this moment. Epps, 49, wrote: “This guy was a GIANT among giants.

“Pop Wayans treated me like a true son all throughout my existence. I’ve always had teachers who have given me treasures to carry with me. Pop, I adore you! I appreciate you looking after me like I was one of your own, he said.

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Diedra Lenora Wayans, Howell’s oldest daughter, paid tribute to her late parents on Instagram, writing, “I thank God for allowing us to have so many years of love, memories, and wonderful parents. those who never gave up on their children.

Damien Dante Wayans and Chaunté Wayans, his grandkids, paid tribute to him on Instagram. “Since a young man I’ve always marveled my grandpa,” Damien started his caption. managing numerous grandkids while raising ten children in the projects.

“This picture I posted signifies the world to me… It’s from a program called “Second Generation Wayans,” in which my nephew @craigwayans and I both appeared. When I heard that my grandparents were attending the premiere, I recall saying, “Grandpa is coming too.” In light of the fact that Howell was a “devout Jehovah Witness,” Damien, 42, stated that he was “shocked.”

He didn’t just turn up; he also participated in the press line with us and stood next to me. Wow! Then, as he was taking this picture, he said, “I’m pleased of you, grandson.

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Chaunté wrote, “A man who showed dedication, loyalty, and provided a shield over our family,” along with pictures of her grandpa. You only needed to graduate from this to join Jehovah.

You were everything to me in the craziest manner, she continued. The love never felt abandoned even though my lifestyle may not have been in the way you had wanted me to go.

Cara Mia Wayans, the daughter of Damon Wayans, shared two cherished images of her grandpa on her Instagram Story on Saturday. One of the images was one that her uncle Marlon shared after learning of Howell Wayans’ passing and the other featured the patriarch reading. She annotated the latter photograph, writing, “My grandfather in a nutshell.”

On their Instagram Stories, Kyla Wayans and Ashley Wayans and other cousins also mentioned Howell. Howell smiled in the photo, and Kyla captioned it, “My lovely gpa. I long for this vista. Ashley wrote over a vintage family picture, “I’ll love you forever,” and “I went back and forth about posting a photo… RIP.”

The ten children, sixteen grandkids, three great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild left behind by Howell Wayans.


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