In collaboration with composer-producer Fraser T. Smith, TikTok debuts #BehindTheSong.

TikTok has announced the start of #BehindTheSong, starring Grammy Award-winning composer and producer Fraser T Smith, to honor producers and songwriters and help elevate them to the fore of the cultural zeitgeist. The hashtag will act as a central location for the most recent recordings from the songwriting community, inspiring authors to share accounts of how they make music.

Fraser serves as the first featured composer for the hashtag #BehindTheSong, bringing his vast experience as a multi-platinum producer and well-known songwriter to the initiative. Fraser’s tenure also marks the comeback of his own music project, Future Utopia. The producer has revealed his new EP, We Were We Still Are, the first release under his Future Utopia monicker, which will be available on June 9 from The Orchard, shortly after the release of his most recent single, “Your Love.”

Adele’s Grammy Award-winning song “Set Fire to the Rain,” which Fraser produced, is among the hits he has worked on with acts like James Morrison, Stormzy, Dave, Bastille, and Idris Elba. Fraser has also collaborated with these musicians. The promotion has already begun with videos that break down some of his hits.

He explains how he initially came up with the rhythm, then Adele added the piano chords and melody on top of this foundation. Fraser has also created a compilation of some of his most popular songs. Additionally, he talks about how he collaborates with up-and-coming musicians and how he gives them poetic tasks to complete.

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I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most accomplished and well-known artists in the world, so I’m beyond excited to be collaborating with TikTok on the #BehindTheSong campaign, says Fraser. I admire the job they do in the music industry and am eager for you to learn about the process I went through to create the song as an artist, songwriter, and producer.

The #BehindTheSong hashtag, which hosts content from songwriters and music producers and has received over 2.2 billion views, is extremely well-liked on TikTok. It has encouraged prolific writers like Kamille, Noel Gallagher, and Guy Chambers to share how they develop their distinctive sounds and well-known tracks, like Guy Chambers’ collaboration with Robbie Williams on the Grammy-winning song “Angels,” to share their creative processes.

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Tara Brady, Music Publishing Partnerships at TikTok, adds, “It’s so exciting to create a dedicated place to amplify the work of songwriters, producers, and artists to help them share the stories #BehindTheSong. On TikTok, there is a genuine demand for this kind of informative behind-the-scenes content that brings music lovers and fans even closer to the creative process.

I want to thank Fraser T. Smith and the team, as well as all the songwriters who have so far gotten involved, and I can’t wait to see a variety of material from across the music industry.


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