Everyone buckle up; it’s time to enter the Barbie universe.

You might have assumed that Multiverse fever would primarily be associated with Oscar victors and comic book movies. But it appears that Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie will also be overrun with variations, this time of plastic figurines Barbie and Ken. This is in line with rumors and reports. Considering that her film is mainly secretive (What’s the plot? Does it have music? What are the prospects? Nobody Knows!) ostensibly stars Ryan Gosling as her literal toy-boy and Margot Robbie as the titular game-changing doll, but the huge, and we mean huge, ensemble actually includes a vast array of other versions of the characters.

Thanks to a deluge of bizarre character posters, along with some unexpected ensemble additions, we now know who some of them are. Here, scroll through them.

Crazy, as we said. Barbie is Margot Robbie! Barbie with a Nobel Prize is Emma Mackey! Barbie in aquatic form is Dua Lipa! As a medical, Hari Nef is like Barbie! Barbie on the Supreme Court is Ana Cruz Kayne! Barbie the attorney is Sharon Rooney! Author Barbie is Alexandra Shipp! Issa Rae is Barbie’s president! Barbie with a Pulitzer Prize is Ritu Arya! Barbie with one leg up is Kate McKinnon! Barbie the ambassador is Nicola Coughlan! And that’s just the start. Ken is Ryan Gosling! Ken is Simu Liu. Ken is Ncuti Gatwa! Ken is Kingsley Ben-Adir once more! Another Ken is Scott Evans! Michael Cera is Allan, then.

Yes, there are a few surprises in this. As “Midge,” Emerald Fennell portrays a pregnant lady. The movie’s presenter will reportedly be Helen Mirren. As the “humans,” America Ferrera and Ariana Greenblatt are mentioned. A uniform describes Jamie Demetriou. As “like an intern or something,” Connor Swindells. Will Ferrell, too? Will Ferrell, however, has a sign that simply reads, “Please call me mother.” Please share your thoughts on what that implies.

Once more, it appears that Gerwig, who is co-writing and directing the movie with Noah Baumbach, is going above and beyond what one might anticipate from an IP-related Barbie movie. And judging by the 2001-style teaser video, she’s going all out to produce something outrageously vibrant and imaginative. Please release another trailer shortly. Barbie opens in theaters on July 21.


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