Prince’s Yellow Schecter Cloud Guitar is currently being auctioned off at Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

The reputable auction house continues to astound music lovers by offering uncommon and one-of-a-kind chances to acquire some of the rarest artifacts. The stunning instrument was a genuine member of Prince’s collection and frequently traveled with the performer during practice sessions and shows. The estimated final price is $20,000, and the auction closes shortly.

Prince played the guitar both onstage and off, and the instrument itself was heavily used for testing since it was a prototype for the Schecter line Prince had commissioned for general sale.

The internal PRN MUSIC CORP serial number for this guitar is PM 16231, and it is prominently marked and exhibited on the inside cavity cover on the back of the instrument.

The Schecter serial number below the “Diamond Series” logo on the headstock was not present on the prototype guitar Prince purchased because it was not intended for general sale. Instead, the guitar is added to the inventory of PRN MUSIC CORP, rendering it truly unique.

The instrument has a golden finish and symbol inlays that are said to be one of Prince’s preferred arrangements for the cloud.

The hard flight bag with a plush purple interior is up for auction.

Please take notice that the flight case is for safe storage only and does not pertain to Prince.

A statement of provenance from the consignor, who bought the guitar from a former employee of Prince, is included with the instrument.

According to the worker, “I worked as a guitar repair for Prince for a little over a year and a half. At this time, he was commissioning the Schecter range that was “Manufactured exclusively for NPG.” Prince received this instrument to try out and approve. You’ll note that the headstock does not have the ‘Manufactured for NPG or Schecter serial number’ because this is a prototype being used for testing. Instead, a ‘PRN Music Corp’ formal serial number of 16231 was given to it, and it is located inside the battery panel. During practice sessions for two different in-home performances, I saw Prince try the guitar on several occasions. During those periods, I would set up this guitar for Prince along with a few other guitars.

After some alterations, he finally gave the NPG line his approval. Prince was extremely demanding, but he was also a pleasure to work for, amazing to watch in motion, and very giving. He let me keep 16231 when my time with him was up, and since then I’ve only changed the guitar’s Seymour Duncan pickups to EMG’s preference and bought my own flight case to store it in; otherwise, it has remained unused and in storage since my time with Prince.

The guitar’s use during testing, rehearsals, and live in-house performances was observed by the original owner who assisted in productions and testing for more than 18 months. It is a remarkable piece of Prince history.

Since Gotta Have Rock and Roll values authenticity, the instrument also includes a Gotta Have Rock and Roll Certificate of Authenticity in case more information than the tale of the original purveyor is required.

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