One of the funniest individuals in the sports media industry is still Stephen A. Smith.

Overall, he is a space pioneer who keeps making outstanding contributions. In actuality, he has broadened his interests to include more than just First Take. Now that he has his own podcast called Know Mercy, he can discuss anything he wishes. Sports fans have expressed their admiration for the program despite the fact that it can occasionally be political. Who wouldn’t want to hear Smith’s unvarnished opinions on everything in life?

Stephen A. Smith recently commented on Megan Thee Stallion’s opening throw for the Houston Astros. Of course, Meg’s proposal went viral, largely due to the way she appeared. The artist flaunted her curves in an all-white ensemble. Many social media users became thirsty for her as a result. Stephen A. is one of them, as it turns out. Smith commented on Meg’s appearance and how he didn’t like David Hensley for sneakily placing his hand on Meg’s butt while they were at Know Mercy this past weekend.

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Stephen A. Smith Loves Megan Thee Stallion

Regarding Meg’s pitch, Smith remarked, “I know that there’s a lot to walk away from.” “I mean, she looked fairly good in that white outfit. She appeared quite attractive in that. And that’s one idea to put aside. The pitch itself, which wasn’t all that spectacular but you didn’t expect it to be, was another thing to put aside. Thus, kudos to her. She was sufficiently near. But the one incident he had his hand on her behind, and I can’t remember the guy’s name. He finished quickly. He’s not meant to be touching her in that way, though.

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Regarding Hensley’s cunning action, Stephen A. Smith makes a compelling argument. Everyone saw him do it, and as a result, he gained notoriety for it. Megan Thee Stallion appeared to still be having a wonderful time at the game. She was able to fulfill a goal that many people had. Below, you can see the situation that Smith was discussing.


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