still powered by Dunkin’! Despite being mistaken for Matt Damon’s BFF, Ben Affleck demonstrated in a new commercial his unwavering devotion to the coffee shop company.

The Evolution of Ben Affleck: Teen Films, Oscar Wins, and More
The 50-year-old Argo filmmaker first appeared in Dunkin’s 2023 Super Bowl commercial before starring in another commercial for the brand. When Affleck visits his neighborhood store in the video, which debuted on Monday, April 3, the staff isn’t exactly welcoming to him.

He states, “I’m here for the Dunkin’ Run promotion… commercial. “A large coffee [and] a donut for a dollar is a fantastic bargain. It’s actually fairly cool.

As Affleck, who conceptualized and directed the advertisement himself, describes his vision, the workers are visibly perplexed. He adds, “I thought it would be, like, authentic and meta. “Yes, I’m appearing in the advertisement, but am I really? I don’t do ads, as you may know. I’m a genuine actor; to me, this is an artistic endeavor.

The Dunkin’ employees attempt to put the puzzle together even though they initially didn’t identify him. One of the staff members inquires, “Were you in The Departed?” Affleck responds, “I’m Matt Damon,” in jest.

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As a fellow Massachusetts native and 52-year-old Damon professes their affection for him, the Oscar winner shakes his head in disappointment. Affleck replies, “Nah, I mean, some of his stuff.

The employee continues, “He’s had a really consistent career,” and Affleck groans in frustration.

Since cowriting and costarring in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting, Affleck and the Martian actor have remained close friends. On the new biopic Air, which is based on real events that surrounded the development of Nike’s Air Jordan basketball sneakers, the duo once again worked together.

The Gone Girl star frequently uses their recognizable pink and orange cups and has made no secret of his affection for Dunkin’. He worked the drive-thru in an advertisement for the business earlier this year, which was featured in a Super Bowl LVII commercial and included an appearance from his wife, Jennifer Lopez.

The 53-year-old Grammy nominee asked her spouse, “What are you doing here?” as she pulled up to get her coffee. When you claim to labor all day, is this what you actually do?

The commercial was successful, but Affleck’s behind-the-scenes outtakes garnered even more chuckles. In a blooper reel that Dunkin’ published in February, the Justice League actor was seen having trouble filling customer orders at the Medford, Massachusetts, coffee shop.

“I can’t get it to work! He plugged in drink orders and shouted at the machine, “Malfunction!” Operating this device is not as simple as it appears.


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