Lupe Fiasco has not yet decided to leave academics.

The Chicago artist revealed on Thursday that he will attend Yale University as a Saybrook Fellow.

I’ve been selected to be a Saybrook Fellow at my OTHER favorite school in the entire universe outside of MIT…@Yale, I’m proud to announce,” he tweeted. Shout out to Tom Near for nominating me to a school where two Chicagoans defied all odds to find a spot in the Ivy League.

The Tom Near Lupe is thanking appears to have a very remarkable résumé. Near is not only a professor and the chair of ecology and evolutionary biology at Yale but also the head of Saybrook College, one of Yale’s 14 undergraduate colleges, and the Bingham Oceanographic Curator of Ichthyology at the Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Lupe revealed in May of last year that he would be a member of MIT’s MLK Visiting Professor Program for the 2022–2023 academic year. In the years 2020–21, he served as a visiting artist at the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology.

His album Drill Music in Zion was soon after published. In a statement made in conjunction with the album’s release, Lupe said, “I’m attempting to find a balance between the whimsy and the profound. “You grow physically throughout your existence, and I feel taller now than I ever have. It’s not that I have greater moral standards than others; rather, it’s just that I have a wider angle of view. I have more vision.


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