When Kanye West apologized on Saturday for the offensive remarks he made about the Jewish community, everyone was a little perplexed.

The Chicago rap artist posted a picture of the 21 Jump Street theatrical poster and thanked Jonah Hill for helping him “like Jewish people again.” Jonah Hill chose not to respond to the artist’s remarks. Major groups like Stop Antisemitism and the American Jewish Committee refused the apology because it didn’t seem sincere.

Seth Rogen believes that Kanye West’s lighthearted apology may be an indication that he is finally taking responsibility. Rogan joined CinemaBlend for a conversation about the Super Mario Bros. Movie, but he also responded to Ye’s tweet. Seth Rogen laughed at the tweet and then said that he would let Jonah Hill “have it.” “Happily excluded from that one. But guess what? Good! Cured! Seth Rogen said, “They ought to distribute that film worldwide and allow everyone to see it. I experience a small sense of ownership because I contributed some jokes to the film.

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Kanye West’s apology is met with laughter by Seth Rogen

Ye recently apologized, a few months after his press campaign had a catastrophic start. The creator of “Bound 2,” which James Franco and Seth Rogen mocked, went on a months-long media rampage, focusing on right-wing platforms, where he spread anti-Semitic stories as a way to rebel against the corporate and media forces above him. He was eventually banned from social media sites like Instagram and Twitter for his divisive rant, though they subsequently restored his accounts.

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His rant against Jews damaged his ties with companies like Balenciaga, Adidas, and GAP, with whom he had previously inked a ten-year contract. Ye saw the multi-billion dollar company he built fall apart in front of him in a matter of weeks. Although it appears that Kanye West is making an effort to undo the damage he has caused, as the AJC and SA suggested, it will take much more than simply viewing a buddy-cop movie with a Jewish actor. View Seth Rogen’s remarks above regarding Kanye West’s most recent apology and share your views in the comments.


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