Early sales numbers suggest that the PlayStation VR2, Sony’s most recent virtual reality headset, may not be performing as well as its predecessor as the launch hype had predicted.

The PS VR2 is anticipated to sell around 270,000 units in its first five weeks, which is considerably fewer than the 915,000 units sold by the original PS VR during a comparable time period, according to research firm IDC, which was cited by Gamerant in a report.

PS VR2’s Pricetag As a Factor

Analysts believe that the $550 price tag, which is higher than either of the other PS5 versions, as well as the requirement for a PS5 console to function may be deterring consumers from purchasing it.

Francisco Jeronimo, a VR analyst, even went so far as to say in a Bloomberg report that the PS VR2 might need a price reduction to avoid being a total failure. The sales figures suggest Sony might not reach its aim of selling 2 million units during the launch window.

Even though the PS VR2 provides an impressive amount of technology for the price, IDC claims that the price is too high. Sales of VR may also be hindered by the industry’s generally slow development.

Similar to how they have embraced mobile, console, or PC gaming, mainstream customers have not yet fully embraced virtual reality. The public desire for VR may be dwindling over time, if predictions for PS VR2 sales are correct.

The wearable device is not even designed for fans of the metaverse, claims a Tech Times story. Additionally, it does not provide some of the cutting-edge, next-generation uses that are found in virtual reality. It is also important to remember that multiplayer games are not supported by the PS VR2.

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What’s next for PS VR2?

It is unclear whether Sony will keep pursuing the VR market over the long run or if the PS VR2 will continue to struggle at its current price point. For the PS VR2 to be successful in the market, a price reduction might be required.

The PS VR2 is still an amazing piece of technology that offers a fantastic VR experience, despite its underwhelming sales numbers. It will be fascinating to see how Sony acts in the future in light of its performance.

What We Know About the PS VR2

The PS VR2 has a lot of brand-new features over its forerunner. It has a display with a higher resolution than Quest 2, a broader field of view, better eye-tracking, and a more comfortable design, for instance.

Along with a built-in microphone and headset, it also has haptic feedback, which enables users to experience vibrations and other physical feelings in virtual reality. However, additional benefits might be required to persuade customers to switch to VR.


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