According to Rolling Stone, Tory Lanez requested a new trial after a jury convicted him of shooting Megan Thee Stallion. This was done under a freshly reorganized legal team.

The paperwork was submitted on Wednesday by the rapper’s lawyers, Jose Baez and Matthew Barhoma, who claimed that numerous errors with the proof prevented Tory from having a fair trial. The Shade Room remark that dispelled rumors that Megan Thee Stallion’s former best friend Kelsey Nicole shot her is one of them.

The comment, according to Tory’s staff, was made by the rapper’s social media manager. However, since the defense was that Kelsey fired the gun, the prosecution only admitted it as evidence in the middle of the trial, and they argued that the court ought to have stopped them. The new motion claims that by permitting the People to introduce this post, the court violated numerous legal principles and denied the defendant a fair trial. “A new trial is the only appropriate remedy for this injustice.”

Lyrics by Tory Lanez and a 2Pac tattoo

Tory Lanez’s legal team, which was formerly headed by well-known attorney David Kenner, claimed that in addition to the social media post, the prosecution had painted the rapper as a “gun-wielding career criminal.” They claimed that the prosecution used a shirtless image of the singer from the song “Say It,” in which a tattoo of a gun could be seen on his breast. However, California legislation (AB 2799) prohibiting “creative expression” into evidence as it might produce a racial bias became effective nine days after his trial. The same AK-47 tattoo was on 2Pac’s chest, according to his defense team, “as a symbol of Black unity and the fight against racism.”

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The judge decided that rap lyrics and music videos could be introduced during cross-examination, such as the video for “Cap” where Tory cleaves a horse limb. His social media team claimed that between the tattoo and the social media post, the court “impermissibly chilled” to testify. Tory Lanez should have been allowed to testify without the need for impeachment evidence, according to his team, because AB 2799 was already approved by the California legislature.

Tory Reorganizes the Defense Staff

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Earlier this year, Tory expanded his legal squad by bringing on Kenner, a former Suge Knight attorney. Tory’s request for a review will now be led by Barz and Barhoma, the rapper announced in a statement. “David Kenner will no longer be a member of my defense squad due to a scheduling conflict. I’d like to express my gratitude to Mr. Kenner for his dedication and sage advice. As first chair and second chair, Matthew Barhoma will continue to serve me, Jose Baez said. Look at what he said there. We’ll keep you informed of any new developments related to Tory’s appeal.


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