On Wednesday, Bam Margera discovered himself in shackles.

According to TMZ, the 43-year-old was detained this afternoon outside a Burbank eatery on suspicion of misdemeanor public intoxication.

Margera was reportedly seen “arguing with a woman, with the dispute getting louder and louder” while the Jackass actor’s estranged wife Nikki Boyd and their young son were supposedly eating at a Thai restaurant, the publication reports, citing police sources. It is not yet known if the lady was Boyd.

Comedian Evan Breen recounts what he and other diners are said to have seen in an Instagram Live video taken from the parking lot. Bam, according to the social media influencer, was “completely annihilated” and had “manhandled his kid.” In the video below, another onlooker says that the boy “was so scared.”

He was grabbing the kid, but it was mostly just verbal abuse and swearing in front of his young child, a distressed person off camera is heard saying. They weren’t struck by him.

Margera is seen at the end of the film speaking animatedly to an officer while sitting on the ground and making gesticulations:

Less than a month ago, Margera was detained at a home in Escondido, California, after a woman contacted the police to report that he had kicked her.

He was arrested on suspicion of inflicting physical harm on a current partner or spouse and secured $50,000 bail the next day. The woman referred to Bam as her “husband,” but sources told TMZ that Nikki Boyd, who filed for formal separation last month after nearly ten years of marriage and more than a year after announcing their split, is actually the one who is the woman’s girlfriend.

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In February, Boyd’s lawyer stated that Nikki Margera felt compelled to apply for legal separation from her husband, Bam Margera, because of his ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, unpredictable behavior, and failure to support her and their son. In an effort to keep Bam clean and to protect her family, Nikki has given everything she has.

Margera revealed to fellow Jackass veteran Steve-O in the previous month that in December, after having five seizures while suffering from COVID, he had been “basically pronounced dead.”


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