In order to make it simple to fix entire websites, the creators of the Yoast SEO plugin announced an investment in a WordPress accessibility plugin that analyzes and reports on accessibility issues.

Digital Accessibility Equalizer Checker
Making a website accessible entails much more than just making sure that images have alt text and that colors have sufficient contrast.

To make websites compliant with WCAG 2.1 requirements, numerous standards must be met.

The Digital Accessibility Checker examines posts and pages for violations of accessibility standards and generates a report outlining the many areas that require improvement.

An whole website can be scanned by the plugin for accessibility problems.

On the edit screens for pages and posts, error and warning messages are shown along with a centralized list of errors that need to be fixed.

To make prioritizing fixes easier, issues that need to be fixed can be arranged according to severity.

Even in the free version, the plugin allows unlimited page scanning with no URL restrictions.

The data stays on the user’s server and there is no need to wait for a third party to parse the URLs.

The plugin’s absence of front-end scripts, which would otherwise slow down website visitor experience, is a crucial aspect.

The Director of Paid Search at the search marketing firm WrightIMC, David Ogletree (LinkedIn), said that everyone should install the accessibility checker plugin.

Web development add-on

I also got the opinion of web developer Alex Alexakis (LinkedIn), who is also the owner of the web development firm Pixel Chefs.

He said that his organization works with clients to make websites more user-friendly, especially for websites in the financial sector.

He commented after looking at the plugin that it includes features that are a tremendous time saving and expressed astonishment that so much functionality was provided for free.

Additionally, Alex pointed out that increasing site accessibility benefits SEO. He pointed out that several accessibility-related issues additionally boost search engine optimization and aid in the accomplishment of marketing objectives.

Nearly 3% of American people are blind, according to the National Federation of the Blind, and 13% of Americans report having vision problems, according to the American Federation for the Blind.

There are numerous impairments that make using the Internet challenging, blindness being only one of them.

The Equalize Digital Accessibility Checker makes it incredibly easy to find, record, and rank accessibility problems that need to be fixed.

Emilia Investment Capital

Pre-seed funding was announced for Equalize Digital Accessibility Checker, a WordPress accessibility plugin, by Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt.

The plugin’s publisher, Equalize Digital, stated that they will utilize the money to hire a senior plugin developer and create more content pertaining to accessibility.


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