the findings of a recent study that discovered serious brand safety breaches in promoting on children’s CTV programming.

The study discovered that at least one inappropriate ad was present in 20% of all kid-targeted commercial breaks, including those for booze, casinos, gaming, adult hygiene products, prescription drugs, and meals with high sugar and fat content.

Over 100 children’s programs from a representative sample of top video streaming platforms, both free and paid, were subjected to human evaluation by a different source. Over the course of four months, the research was performed to evaluate what audiences saw in various states. The categories of advertisements marked as unsuitable for children were compiled in accordance with the guidelines, laws, & suggestions of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

We are living in a video-first world where relying on just a simple keyword or generic metadata description isn’t going to work- not only to avoid specific content, like children’s shows, but for targeting and placing relevant ads as well,” said the researcher. The majority of marketers and publishers are unaware of a significant gap in the CTV environment, but there is something we can do to close it.

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The majority of marketers still use outdated brand safety and ad authentication technologies that only look at the basic metadata descriptions for videos. Advertisers are forced to base their choices on sparse metadata, like the category or channel name, when content information is shared because it is self-declared and inconsistent across supply sources. Due to this, adult-targeted advertisements frequently coexist with children’s material, which is against U.S. law.

Photo of mother and sons watching cartoons in their living room

Because of advancements in artificial intelligence, marketers can now study video content at scale on a much deeper and forensic level without relying on spotty video description data.

“There is a major gap in the CTV supply chain and it’s something we can’t ignore,”. Having technology that can understand all the elements of a video, is critical now but also a key component to navigating video and future interactive environments like In-Game and the Metaverse.”


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