After spending its eighth week at the summit of the Billboard Hot 100, Miley Cyrus thanked her fans.

Fans have responded favorably to the smash song from her most recent album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” and the 30-year-old celebrity expressed her appreciation on social media.

Flowers is the top post for an eighth week, she posted on Instagram. We appreciate your continued support for this important music. I adore each of you dearly.

Along with the happy upload, Miley added a new backyard performance of her song “Jaded” to her ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ Backyard Sessions.

She sings, “Oh, isn’t it a shame that it ended like that?” during the refrain and bridge.

“Saw you off for good, but you never unloaded. We entered purgatory, but we never left.

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I could have taken you places, I’m sad you’re so jaded.

“I detest that you’re alone right now. I’m sad you’re so cynical.

In a previous interview, Miley discussed her most recent single, “River,” and she confessed that because the song is so “f nasty,” her management does not want her to disclose what it is actually about.

They might initially appear as a problem, such as when it feels like an April rain. The rain never ceases. Then it began to pour down like affection.

“River’: sometimes we just need a dance floor banger, also known as they don’t want me to speak about the song’s [redacted] subject matter, she continued.

It’s f disgusting. It’s awful.


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