He should perhaps practice sampling that “Watermelon Sugar.”

When video of his clumsy makeout session with Emily Ratajkowski went viral this past weekend, Dreamboat Harry Styles’ image suffered.

Fans once had fantasies about the former One Direction heartthrob, but the tide has changed, and they are now devastated.

One fan wrote that Harry Styles’ reputation as a bad kisser had permanently altered his brain chemistry.

“That’s the most awkward kiss in his history, y’all, no effort from Harry or whatsoever,” said another.

I’ve been destroyed by learning that Harry Styles might not be a good kisser, said a third.

Another Twitter user made the dramatic comparison between the terrorist assault and Styles’ poor kissing abilities: “knowing harry styles is a bad kisser is my 9/11.”

Another joked, “as if we didn’t know white men are the inferior kissers, everyone is surprised that Harry Styles is a bad kisser.

Some admirers, however, questioned whether the 29-year-old singer of “Late Night Talking” wasn’t giving it his all because he wasn’t really that interested in the model.

Another tweeter questioned, “‘harry styles is a bad kisser’ or does he not to want to kiss those individuals.

“With individuals he feels more at ease around, his kissing style seems softer to me. One fan who might also be a body language expert said, “it doesn’t look like he’s at all comfortable around her.” Not that she is a bad person, just that she might not be the greatest kisser.

Styles’ comfort level might be in question, though, given that he admitted Ratajkowski was his idol eight years ago.

The two have previously spent a reasonable amount of time together, with the 31-year-old designer of Inamorata even attending a number of the Grammy Award winner’s tour performances.

Ratajkowski has been dating heavily since her divorce, so it’s unclear how serious their relationship is, but the embrace comes soon after she partied with Styles’ ex Olivia Wilde at the Vanity Fair Oscars party earlier this month.


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