Neil Young is the most recent performer to criticize the exorbitant costs concertgoers are being forced to pay.

The Cure’s Robert Smith criticized Ticketmaster and scalpers for ruining live music by taking advantage of concertgoers after saying he was “sickened” by the inflated prices and giving fans partial refunds on Ticketmaster fees for the band’s US tour dates.

The 77-year-old musician wrote in a new post on his Neil Young Archives website: “It’s over. The past has passed.

“I receive emails accusing me of selling $3000 tickets for a benefit I’m hosting. Neither the beneficiary nor I receive any of that money. Artists must be concerned about angry followers accusing them of being responsible for Ticketmaster add-ons and scalpers.

The singer of “Heart of Gold” continued, “Concert trips are no longer enjoyable. Not what they once were, concert trips.

The Cure’s upcoming tour tickets went on sale last week, and fans were outraged by the pricey fees Ticketmaster added on top of the ticket price. The ‘Lovecats’ hitmaker got involved in the argument on Twitter by stating that the band had no control over the extras added by the company.

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“I am sickened, as are you all, by today’s Ticketmaster fees fiasco,” he added. It should be noted that the creator has no control over them. How are they justified, I keep wondering. I will inform everyone of any logical responses I receive.

The company’s dynamic pricing strategy, which alters ticket prices in response to demand, was also criticized by Robert, 63, who called it “a scam.”

We didn’t consent to the “dynamic pricing”/”price surging”/”platinum ticket” thing because it is somewhat of a scam in and of itself, he continued. a different topic.

The senior rocker later verified that many fans would be receiving some of their money back after Ticketmaster executives appeared to have taken note of his complaints.

After further discussion, Ticketmaster concurred with us that many of the fees were excessively high. As an act of goodwill, Ticketmaster has offered to refund $10 per ticket to all verified fan accounts for lowest ticket price (or “ltp”) transactions.

Additionally, for all other ticket price transactions for all Cure performances at all locations, a $5 ticket refund will be given to verified fan accounts; if you have already purchased a ticket, you will receive an automatic refund. Tomorrow’s ticket sales will all have cheaper costs.

The Cure’s North American tour will begin on May 10 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and end on July 1 in Miami, Florida.\


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