A fresh $300 million lawsuit has been filed as a result of 50 Cent’s “vicious intimidation” of an ex-drug lord.

Corey “Ghost” Holland, who claims that 50 was given permission to start a vicious and ongoing campaign of intimidation against him, is suing Lionsgate Entertainment.

In the complaint, it is alleged that 50 Cent orchestrated an intimidation campaign against Ghost, and that Lionsgate Entertainment was aware of 50’s negative tendencies but did not take the appropriate steps to stop him.

Before hiring and keeping Mr. Jackson on staff and rewarding him with a 150 million dollar contract, the defendants were aware of his tendency to harm and use violence against innocent and/or vulnerable people, according to the documents.

“Mr. Jackson is very open about his violent behavior; the defendant even admitted this behavior and chose to disregard it because of the financial benefits they had from 2016 to 2022 from working with Mr. Jackson, and they continue to do so today as partners on numerous television deals.

Just months before Mr. Jackson’s contract with the defendants was renewed, he was found guilty of intentionally causing emotional distress, so the defendants understood what they were getting when they decided to work with and hire Mr. Jackson.

Before signing a significant contract with the defendants, Mr. Jackson is seen on tape explaining how he will HIRE HITMAN TO KILL PEOPLE FROM THE HOOD WHO FILE LAWS AGAINST HIM, so his actions are predictable.

Corey “Ghost” Holland is suing for $300 million, alleging, among other things, negligent hiring and retention practices as well as deliberate infliction of emotional distress.

Additionally, the lawsuit aims to stop Lionsgate Entertainment from using Ghost’s life narrative without his permission and payment in any upcoming productions.

It happens after Corey “Ghost” Holland sued 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp, and the STARZ network for $1 billion in 2021 over allegations that Power was based on his life. At the time, 50’s legal team rejected those claims.

Ghost asserted earlier this year that 50 Cent visited his home twice in either July or August 2021. He claimed the rapper wanted to approach him and claimed his entourage was armed.

On May 9, the two parties are slated to meet to attempt mediation in the $1 billion Power lawsuit.


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