A settlement has been reached in The Weeknd’s legal dispute involving one of his tracks.

The Canadian artist has reportedly settled after being sued for copyright infringement regarding his 2018 song “Call Out My Name,” according to Rolling Stone. Just before the lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial, a settlement was reached last Friday (March 17).

Electro duo Epikker’s Suniel Fox and Henry Strange filed a lawsuit against the top-charting artist, alleging that “Call Out My Name” copied the vocal hook and lead guitar from their unreleased single “Vibeking.”

“’Vibeking’ and ‘Call Out My Name’ contain quantitatively and qualitatively similar material in their respective lead guitar and vocal hooks, including melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic elements distinctive to ‘Vibeking’,” explained a statement written by Epikker’s lawyers.

Both compositions are in a 6/8 meter, which is less typical in popular music, the statement continued. The tempo of both pieces is comparable. Additionally, both pieces incorporate elements of electronica, ambiance, pop, hip-hop, rock, and R&B to create a sound that is especially atmospheric and melancholy.

The story claimed that Fox and Strange had tangible proof that The Weeknd had heard and approved of their unheard song. The plaintiffs demanded payment of all royalties and costs associated with the music, but the settlement’s specifics were kept confidential. Producers Frank Dukes and Nicolas Jaar of “Call Out My Name” were also mentioned in the complaint.

“The parties have reached a settlement in principle of this action,” states the filing. “Plaintiff respectfully requests that the Court take all dates off calendar and set a date in 30 days for the parties to file a joint status report, if the case has not already been dismissed, because the parties are still in the process of formalizing, executing, and consummating that settlement.”


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