A source can corroborate that Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri Cruise are still at odds.

According to an insider, the 60-year-old “Mission: Impossible” actor is not involved in the 16-year-old’s life and has not seen her in a very long time.

In April 2006, the actor received Suri with his then-girlfriend, Katie Holmes, but after the former couple broke up in 2011, the father-daughter pair grew increasingly estranged.

Tom acknowledged in court documents from his 2012 slander case against Bauer Media that he had not seen Suri for three months following their breakup with Holmes, now 44.

In 2013, he advised attorneys, “Listen, things alter when there is a divorce. “The situation is not optimal. It’s not the best scenario.

The “Top Gun” star admitted that his affiliation with Scientology was a major factor in why he was separated from his child during a deposition for that same $50 million lawsuit, which was eventually settled.

Tom said at the time, “That was one of the assertions, yes,” in response to the question of whether Holmes had left him “in part to protect Suri from Scientology.”

Because of the controversial church’s rules that prohibit members from associating with non-believers, Tom and Suri were once again blamed for remaining apart in 2016.

Tom allegedly couldn’t be friends with Holmes or Suri because they were both Scientologists.

When this happened, a source reportedly informed Page Six, “This is his loss, his problem.” He must have been thoroughly indoctrinated.

Tom thinks Holmes “can’t be connected to Suri” because Scientology views him as a “suppressive person,” which is a “enemy,” according to former Scientologist Leah Remini, who spoke with The Post in 2020.

Tom Cruise in Stockholm in December 2012 in connection with the launch of the film Jack Reacher.

Tom’s master plan, according to the former “King of Queens” star who has been working to openly expose the alleged wrongdoings of the Church of Scientology, is to wait until Suri is older in order to seduce her into Scientology and away from her mother.


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