Takeoff’s death in November of last year was a tragic loss. Investigators have since been putting together the events that transpired on that tragic evening in a Houston bowling alley.

On November 1st, takeoff took place with a number of other people, including Quavo and J. Prince’s family. It’s been said that Takeoff was the only casualty of a deadly argument over a dice game. According to the police, he was just a bystander and not even involved in the fight.

He wasn’t the only one who was shot during the fight, though. Sydney Leday, who suffered injuries as well, is now sharing her story after battling for her life. “Everything happened within a few seconds,” she told The Shade Room during an interview. Leday turned 24 on Halloween, and she was thrilled to be exploring Houston. She had no idea that evening she would get shot in the cranium. “I tried to hurry and get out of there as soon as I saw a weapon,” the witness said.

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Sydney claimed that after being invited to a party at the bowling alley after hours, she went out on the town with her pals. Leday said, “I’ve never been in this circumstance or known anyone who had to go through what I’m going through. “I’m just trying to get back to a normal [life] as much as I can,” the speaker said. According to The Shade Room, J. Prince “threw” the celebration. I would say we arrived there around one in the morning, Sydney continued. Leday observed a change in the atmosphere as the party appeared to be drawing to an end.

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Everyone appeared to be familiar with one another, she observed. The dice game was then observed by Leday and her companion. “Once we were outside, it was time for everyone to head inside. Things started to change then. Prior to other customers leaving their establishments to observe the altercation, the victim remembered seeing Quavo arguing with a man. The two men were talking about the game, which allegedly involved $100K, at first, before it turned into a fight. Leday recalled feeling “caught off guard” when matters became serious. The moment someone “[pulled] out] a weapon,” Leday knew it was time to leave.

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Sydney wasn’t at an escalator when she heard the gunfire. I recall running away,” she said before abruptly collapsing to the ground. She was being picked up by her companion. She said, “I could feel the sting in my brain. Since I was wearing a wig and wig cap, it was fortunate that I was not aware of what had truly happened to me. I realized that I had a lot of blood when I took the wig off. Leday started experiencing seizures as her companion hurried her to the hospital. She is thankful to be living after spending days in a coma. Her rehabilitation journey is still far from complete. See what else The Shade Room found in court papers by watching the report above.


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