In August 2022, Afroman disclosed that his Ohio home had been raided by police. Officers who carried out the check are now suing him.

According to TMZ, Afroman is being sued by the Ohio deputies after he used video from their raid to make money. Officers are suing Afroman for using their recordings and photographs in music videos and merchandise.

According to the lawsuit, Afroman was not at home during the search, but his wife was, and she sprang into action, recording as much footage as she could. The officer’s acts were also captured by Afroman’s security cameras.

The officers stated Afroman did not have permission and mentioned that the rapper is exhibiting a violation of privacy and misappropriation of their likenesses, leading to image damage, emotional distress, and more.

In the search, Afroman claimed that officers had stolen hundreds of dollars from him.

Approximately $400 of the money Afroman received from the Adams County Sheriff after the search was missing, according to TMZ.

Afroman is now looking for explanations because he believes the money vanished while it was being used as evidence, and he is prepared to file a lawsuit.

The police reportedly received a tip in August that there were weapons and drugs inside Afroman’s Ohio home.

\While on tour in Chicago, police searched the residence of the “I Got High” rapper. According to neighbors who informed Afroman, whose actual name is Joseph Foreman, about the raid before he went home, the police were pounding on his door with their weapons drawn.

The rapper wrote on Instagram, “While I’m out here working and paying taxes, the Adams County Sheriff Department is at my house kicc-ing in my door and stealing my money.” The Adams county sheriff department threatened to arrest me for checking up on the case too frequently, he said, referring to the time he reported a break-in to his insurance company while on tour. He proceeded to talk about the department.

As a black man in America, Afroman said, “I [accepted] the fact that the police department is not required here to protect and serve me, so I just accepted my loss and never called BACC. Now, they are breaking down my door in search of WMDs and 100,000,000 pounds of marijuana. Wow, Donald Trump refers to these inquiries as witch hunts.


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