Justice has been done in the homicide case involving XXXTentacion after years of litigation. In the summer of 2018, the artist was confronted while he was at a motorcycle store in Florida.

When an SUV obstructed XXXTentacion’s entrance as he was leaving the establishment’s parking lot, he went by the name Jahseh Onfroy. According to reports, the thieves only meant to rob locals, so when they saw the rapper, they believed they had struck it rich. However, the botched robbery quickly turned lethal, and Onfroy, who was 20 years old, passed away.

Rappers’ names became associated with scandal during the strange trial process. However, it has ended for the time being because three of the four suspects were convicted of the offense. For first-degree murder, Dedrick Williams, 26, Trayvon Newsome, 24, and Michael Boatwright, 28, will shortly receive their sentences. Robert Allen, a fourth suspect, turned state’s witness and gave testimony against his fellow accomplices. The three who were convicted today (March 20) are facing life in prison. The prosecution chose not to ask for the death penalty.

Rap battles between XXXTentacion brought up in court.

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Hip-hop fans are aware that while “beefs” within the genre can lead to momentous occasions for musicians, they don’t frequently turn into the focus of homicide investigations. Despite the fact that Robert Allen admitted on the witness stand that he and his former friends carried out the deadly plan, the defense team tried to discredit him. The conflict between XXXTentacion and Drake among other disputes between the rapper and his fellow rappers also attracted notice.

Throughout the several-week hearing, the OVO mogul’s name was brought up frequently, and the defense even attempted to have him deposed. Drake was able to avoid accusations that he planned a hit on the deceased artist. The name of 600 Breezy was also brought up, but he was not invited to testify. When asked if he and the other accused had any connection to Drake, Allen categorically denied doing so.

Prosecutors appeared to have thought that a guilty judgment would be the result from the beginning of the trial. The suspects reportedly fled the scene with $50,000 in cash, which they allegedly divided unequally with Allen, who claimed he wasn’t outside the SUV when the murder was done. Additionally, images from the trial showed the suspects celebrating and flashing money after XXXTentacion was murdered. The suspects were located at the crime scene thanks to surveillance video and mobile phone data as well. Although a date for the sentencing meeting has not yet been disclosed, we will keep you informed as soon as new details become available. An excerpt of Robert Allen’s statement can be seen above.


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