OpenAI CEO Sam Altman admitted that he is “a little bit scared” of artificial intelligence technology because of the potential effects it may have on the workforce, elections, and the spread of misinformation.

The ChatGPT bot, created by OpenAI, generates human-like responses to queries and started a new AI obsession.

In the interview, Altman stated, “I believe [ChatGPT] is really fun for people.

Altman was excited about the revolutionary potential of AI, which he claimed will ultimately represent “the collective power, and creativity, and will of humanity,” but he was also worried about “authoritarian regimes” creating rival AI.

We are very concerned about the emergence of autocratic regimes, Altman said. Governments from other countries have already started introducing AI rivalry to the market.

For instance, Chinese tech firm Baidu recently hosted a release event for Ernie bot, a chat AI that competes with ChatGPT.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, predicted that whoever develops AI technology will “rule the world” years before Russia invaded Ukraine. Altman referred to the remarks as “chilling.”

Microsoft and Google have both actively increased their AI efforts. Microsoft selected Altman’s OpenAI as a collaborator to incorporate its GPT technology into Bing search. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, recently revealed the Bard AI chatbot, to mixed reviews from Google test users and employees.

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Although ChatGPT and similar AI tools haven’t yet had a significant impact on the American election process, Altman said the 2024 election was a priority for the business.

The CEO told ABC, “I’m especially concerned that these models could be used for widespread disinformation.

Models “could be used for offensive cyberattacks now that they’re getting better at writing computer code,” he said.

The coding skill of ChatGPT has already left an impression on many developers. According to Altman, it already serves as a “co-pilot” for programmers, and OpenAI is working to make this feature available to “every profession.”

The CEO acknowledged that many people would lose their employment, but added that it would be a chance to create a better kind of position.

We are capable of having a much higher level of living, according to Altman. “People need time to adapt to this technology, to update, and to react.”


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